This February we are talking about why we love social media. I have been in the social media space since 2001. (Yes, I am OLD in internet years!)

I have a deep love for what social media can accomplish, so I wanted to give you my Top 9 Reasons Why I Love Social Media.

1) Connection.

Social Media Builds Connections

"Because of social media, my relationships are no longer bound by geography."

Because of social media, my relationships are no longer bound by geography. I am able to interact and keep up with friends, family, colleagues, and clients from all over the world. Social media brings me closer to people with whom I would otherwise seldom interact.

2) Knowledge.

Social media allows me to stay on top of things that would require an extraordinary amount of time to find without it. Things like news, events, trending topics, culture, changes in my industry, and information that help me make better decisions for my business.

3) Flexibility.

Social media allows me to not only interact with people from all over the world, but to do so from anywhere at any time. I am not bound by ‘office hours’ or daylight. I can also create or consume social media from multiple devices. As long as I can get online, I can use social media.

4) Measurables.

With social media, you can track everything. Yes, everything. Online tracking, including social media, far exceeds anything available in ‘traditional’ media. (I call traditional media stagnant media.) I like the hard numbers, analysis, and reality of it all.

5) Humanity.

I am convinced that the entire objective of social media is to add humanity to companies that have acted like inhuman, robotic cyborgs for the past several decades. The attempt at the anthropomorphization (yes, I made that up… it means to make it seem human) of everyday business is intriguing.

Successfully accomplishing it is extremely satisfying, but doing it successfully is a true challenge because it's the opposite of what most business people have been taught to do.

6) Content Distribution.

There is no forum that allows us to get our content out to the world faster. If you are trying to build credibility and authority, social media can make you a superstar faster than you’ve ever dreamed.

Social Media is Always Good for Entertainment

7) Entertaining.

When it comes to entertainment, social media can’t be beat. There is literally never a dull moment on social media. Every time you sign on, it’s different. Significant changes occur on almost a daily basis.

I love the fast pace. I love the change. Seriously, I thrive on it and draw energy from it. I could never work in an industry where status quo (i.e. boring) was the norm. I understand the appeal of it, certainly, it’s just not my thing. At. All.

8) Unavoidable.

Sure, social media seems to be all about technology, but under all the gadgets, tech, and gizmos, it's really about connecting people and giving them power and a voice.

Look around: every Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Networking event, church, Moose Lodge, and club are declining in membership and in leads. Social media connects us all without needing the 2-hour lunch and never-ending meetings. It gives us the power to connect, voice an opinion, and dial into what is happening on our own time.

And by giving people the power, it has given the general public the ability to praise or punish brands within just a few minutes. Social media is word-of-mouth on steroids. It is not going away, so brands and companies need to learn how to adapt… quickly.

9) Revolutionary.

As we adapt more and more to social media and begin using it to connect personally with companies, businesses will need to respond.

In the past, business has acclimated, as a whole, to the invention of the newspaper, telephone, fax machine, FedEx, and email. But in my opinion, businesses have largely responded inadequately to the rise of social media.

As more businesses figure out that they need to respond to the ever-changing social media landscape, they will be looking for someone to show them the best ways to tackle it... which will keep me and my company in business. ☺

Do you agree with all of these? Why do YOU love social media? Anything you feel was not mentioned that should have been?

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