Imagine what social media would be like if no one shared things… weird, right?

As a business owner, it’s important to remember that your followers clicked LIKE for a reason.
They LIKE you, your business, and your product or service.

Give them even more reasons to like your business by sharing content, stories, and information that they want to hear.

Here are some creative content ideas that you can use on your social media profiles…

1.) Share Your Story

Connect with your followers on a deeper level. Share your business story with them. You can do this by leaking out photos from significant events, share #DidYouKnow tidbits, or even post videos giving them the inside scoop.

Social Media is for Sharing

2.) Offer Exclusive Deals

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Use your social media profiles as a promotional tool to share a special coupon or discount code. You can use this tactic to generate a larger fan base on social media.

Invite your customers from your email list, in-store, and website to view your social media profiles, then let them know that you’ll be posting exclusives that they won’t want to miss!

3.) Behind the Scenes

Let’s face it… people are nosy. Give them a reason to be nosy about your business by posting fun photos of your staff, office shenanigans, and more. Let them know that there are people working hard to make your business successful!

4.) Important Updates and Information

Treat your social profile as a ‘news board.’ Are you having a special sale, hosting an event, or extending hours? Make sure that you notify your followers on your social media profiles!

I hope that you find these ideas helpful. Start implementing one – or all – in your social media strategy today! Let us know what works the best for you and your business.

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