Taking the time to ‘freshen up’ your digital presence can do wonders for your business.

Making one small change or update can spark new interest within your current connections.

Do you ever find yourself ignoring posts, profiles, and emails that always seem to be the same?

EXACTLY! Don’t let your business be ignored.

Take a look at these 4 tips that will help you update your digital presence and give them a try…

1.) Switch up Your Profile Images

Consider this a quick ‘face lift’ for your profiles! If your profile photo is more than 6 months old, you should REALLY consider updating it.

If you have your profile images set up as your logo, think about changing the background color or pattern behind the logo.

A fun and easy way to make this a part of your routine is to change the images with the seasons or holidays.

4 Ways to Freshen up Your Digital Presence


  • Spring - Insert your logo on an image with flowers and sunshine.
  • Halloween - Take a photo of your staff wearing costumes.
  • Christmas - Find a border of snowflakes or candy canes and insert your logo inside.

2.) Revamp Your Email Signature/Style

Do you still have the same signature from when you set up your email?

Change it up! Ensure that your information is correct and up-to-date and that you have an updated logo or image.

In the process, think about updating your font style, sizes, and colors for the body of your emails.

3.) Update Your Taglines & Bios on Social Media

Updating these bits of info can play a huge role in generating new connections. If you don’t have new and updated information in the tagline or bio, new customers may shy away from following your profiles.

4 Ways to Freshen up Your Digital Presence
  • Do you have a special promotion or incentive?
  • Was there a recent change in hours?
  • New blog post?

Post about these things, but also make sure that this information occasionally appears in your tagline.

Everyone uses social media differently, so make sure that you are covering all angles so you don’t let connections pass you by.

4.) Change up Your Blog Format

Jazz up your posts with photos, change the fonts, play around with titles, and include links to external pages or resources.

Not everyone responds to a blog that is ALL TEXT. In fact, a lot of people may shy away from these types of blogs.

You want to reach as many readers as possible, so make sure that you appeal to them.

When is the last time you ‘freshened up’ your digital presence? Comment below and let us know what you did and how it worked for you and your business!

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