Do you remember playing Twister as a kid? How much fun it was to get all tangled up trying to find the right spot?

But… do you ever feel all tangled up as an adult? Especially as a business owner?

I know that I’ve gone through that, and I’ve talked to many clients who have experienced the same. You start to feel like you spend all your time putting out fires, getting the work done, and simply surviving.

Then there is no time for growing your business, or doing things like meditation or working out. The thoughts that swirl in your brain keep you from sleeping at night, and you start every day exhausted.

You feel like your life and business make for an endless game of Twister, but not the fun kind.

Here are some suggestions to help get you out of that knot… and maybe even win life's ultimate game of Twister:

1.) Learn how to communicate.

Communication is one of the first things to go when we get tired. It’s also the most important thing you can refine to help win at life and business. It helps you delegate to your team better, to tell your partners what is most important, and to attract the right customers and clients for your business.

How to Win at Twister (for Business Owners)

2.) Hire people and delegate!

I know that money is tight, and that you're watching every penny. But if you hire an assistant, it could very well be what allows you to focus on the business instead of working to keep it afloat. This does not have to be a full-time, highly-paid person, but they should be a near-perfect fit to compliment you and the way you work.

We use a test called Kolbe to help determine how we work and who we work best with. It is a godsend for hiring the right people!

For example, I know that I don’t do well with details. I am a visionary, the one who strategizes, the ideas person. I need at least one team member to help schedule appointments, send out invoices, etc.

If you really want to outsource the building of your lead generation campaigns, content, and social media marketing (as most business owners should!) you can always schedule a strategy call with me to talk ideas, strategy, and goals!

3.) Stop allowing everyone else to dictate how you spend your time.

I know we live in a connected world. I know that you have a client that likes to be able to call, text, Facetime, email, Facebook Message, or Snapchat at all hours of the day or night. Stop that. Seriously.

Almost always, the clients who are the most high-maintenance generate the lowest profit. They are the most frustrating with the smallest reward for your work and attention. Don’t over-communicate with them.

In small business, every dollar counts, I know. But you can’t honestly build or grow your business, or bring in great, easy, high-profit customers, if you spend all your time dealing with the time-sucks. Give them guidelines: “I don’t answer work communication (THAT MEANS ALL COMMUNICATION) after 5 pm.”

Or let them know in their contract how to communicate with you: “All communications done with my team will be via email or on our monthly call. This is so that we can keep all communication in one place for quick reference.”

Most people (who are worth working with) will respect that.

4.) Take back your days off.

You are exhausted because you never give your body or mind the time it needs to feel refreshed.

If you are never refreshed, you are NEVER at your best. NEVER!

How to Win at Twister (for Business Owners)

Free time is a precondition for your best work.

You are most productive, creative, energized, and excited when you’re well rested and refreshed. So, start planning your free days first, and you’ll find that you’re able to run your business more effectively – and you’re more productive!

When Dan and I started taking free days, I would occasionally answer a client email, and more often than not, that client would ask WHY I was responding on my free day! You may be surprised by how many people want you to have a normal, fulfilled life without working 24/7.

5.) Continue learning.

​If you are struggling in your business, chances are that what you’re experiencing is not abnormal. Seek out other business owners that might be able to offer advice, stories, or even just support.

​Buy a book that might give you some insight or encouragement. Start or join a mastermind group. Take a course. Watch a webinar.

​Own the fact that you don’t have all the answers and figure out the best ways you can find the answers you need. It’s important that you give yourself a way to continue growing as a person, and as a leader, as your business grows.

​If you can put these things to work for you, you may just find yourself winning at life’s ultimate game of Twister! Tell us about your game-winning strategies in the comment section below!

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