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Creative Marketing Strategy and Growth Consulting with Kristi Brown

Ready to see your business SKYROCKET?

Want to know the secrets that the super successful businesses, brands, and solopreneurs use to see real success?

Are you unsure how to set up processes for your businesses marketing and online presence?

Are you struggling to figure out what the best use of your precious and limited time is each day?

Many small business owners lack focus and have no idea where to start marketing their business.
They don’t really know what they are working toward so they have no idea what they should be working on.

What are YOUR dream results?

Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Money? Freedom? Generosity? Impact? Control?

Do you have a plan for how you’re going to get where you want to be?

Every business needs to be in front of the right kind of customers.
Whatever your business is, we make sure that you have an amazing online presence,
putting you in front of the right customers for your business.
Marketing should be made to work for you, not the other way around.

Are you one of the many entrepreneurs who know how important Social Media is, but feel like you just can’t seem to get it right?

Have you been doing it all on your own, but are ready to upgrade your online presence and work with someone who knows how to get you where you need to be?

Do you know that what you offer is amazing, but hate being stuck?


  • Waking up every day with total clarity and purpose…
  • Knowing where and how to make the most of your limited time online…
  • Not wasting hours of your day wading through status updates, tweets, comments, questions and posts…
  • Gaining new business connections, expanding your reach, and growing your business in ways you never thought possible…
  • Establishing credibility and positioning your personal brand as the go-to professional within your field…
  • Working a daily social media strategy that is simple, easy, effective, and produces amazing results!
What would you do with the time that you save by knowing exactly where and when to spend your time for the most dynamic and measurable increase in your business?…maybe massages, naps, lunch dates, shopping…


Successful people know that with the guidance and direction of an online business consultant and the right social media business plan in place, building a powerful online presence that provides explosive results is achievable.


Need A Simple Step-By-Step System To Guide You Through?
If you’re ready to reach the next level by investing in your business (and yourself), then let’s talk…

See What Other People Say About Kristi…

Kristi is very knowledgeable and in a short time has given me serveral ideas to advance my own business. It is obvious to me that Kristi has the knoweldge and experience to help any business get to the next level in growth, customer loyalty, and profitablity.
Lydia H.


Kristi is a true professional and a true pleasure to work with. She took my company from having no social media presence to now I’m getting leads daily from our social media! She’s very professional and extremely easy to work with. She takes great care of us and is always responsive whenever we have a question. I would recommend Kristi to any company that’s looking to grow their business through social media and digital marketing.
Jared D.

Utah Railroad

Kristi is one of the most talented individuals I know. She mixes a wealth of professional knowledge with wonderful personal interaction. She is a delight to work with on all levels.
Shawn N.


Now it’s Time for a Hard Look in the Mirror

You hate waiting. You like to get things done yesterday.
When you find what you need, you make quick decisions…
…and you want it all fresh out of the Tiffany-blue box.
Well, this consulting is your ready-to-wear business in that Tiffany-blue box.
But we want to be clear, this isn’t for everyone.

12-Week Consulting Program

Who is this NOT for

You have a big dream and huge idea, but you haven’t built your business or don’t have any paying clients or customers yet.
You aren’t totally sure on who you serve or who you want to work with in your business.
You sell or promote products for other people.
If you haven’t made any money from your business in the last 3 months.
If you’re not ready to take a leap, move out of what’s comfortable and are unwilling to take the risks necessary to build the business of your dreams.

If you’re all about getting stuff for “free” and have no desire to invest in yourself or your business.
(This is what separates the successful from the wantrepreneurs)

Who this IS for

You’re no stranger to the business world. In fact, you are amazing at what you do (in other words, you have a business that is more than just an “idea”)
You’ve gotten some customers/clients, but are having trouble selling/ booking them consistently.

You know who you want to serve. You know who you work with best.
You have taken all the courses, filled out all the workbooks and watched all the videos and now you’re ready
to level up, but are simply not sure how.

You know your messaging and branding but need some help on positioning it so that you can begin to make real money with it.

You understand that you need to build some streamlined systems in your business to let you grow.
You want to use all the “techy” stuff, not get overwhelmed by it.

You totally “get” that marketing is the way to get more eyes (and revenue) into your business.
If you’re ready to scale your business and build systems (and maybe even a team) that gives you freedom and more profit in your bank account, this is for you.
Check, check and check! Yes! This is for me!

What We’ll Cover

We'll define...
  • Your Business Systems
  • Your S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Success
  • Your Social Media Strategy
We'll design...
  • Your Branding Plan
  • Your Content Creation Plan
  • Systems based on YOUR strategies (so you run your business instead of IT running YOU!)
You'll discover...
  • Your target market and where they hang out
  • How to develop your messaging to reach that target market
  • How to develop a productivity plan
You'll dive into...
  • Each social media platform and who’s on each one
  • Facebook Ads
  • Creating images for social media posts and ads
  • Creating your follow-up system

What This is Worth

Let’s break it down. To match what you’ll get with our Interactive Coaching Program, you could pay…

Business Mentor


$2500 / month

Branding Specialist



Social Media Strategist



Sales Consultant


$5000 / month




Implementation Expert



Lead Magnet Creation



Social Media Integration


$500 / month

So to get the same levels of expertise and experience, you’re looking at a total cost of $47,500 for 20 weeks. Minimum.
And the problem with hiring people to do this for you is that it doesn’t teach you how to fish on your own.

So…right now, here’s the line in the sand. Time to make a decision.

You can continue to struggle by piece-mealing your business together…
You can be part of the excuser-makers, the procrastinators,
the wantrepreneurs and the martyrs…
Those who never quite got their business off the ground…


You can start to build a successful business, with the least resistance and the most support possible,
with our step-by-step interactive coaching program by enrolling below.

Courses, Trainings and Downloads

…on the latest strategies, techniques, and technologies to focus, market, organize, and grow your business


Why Hire a Consultant?

Can you afford not to get help with building your business?
How much time are you going to spend figuring out the right way to do things?
How much money are you really going to save?

Business consulting can help you decide what is most important for your company, brand and services.
The right consultant can teach you all the elements, strategies and management to enhance your current efforts, or help redirect you to discover the activities that will let your reap the biggest results!

Whether you are a small business owner or a CEO of a large corporation, we can get you the results you’re seeking!

Would you like a trusted advisor who can show you how brilliant you really are?

Are you searching for someone who will remind you of your strengths?

Do you want a teacher that can show you how to grow a profitable (and enjoyable!) business, while holding you accountable to do the steps need to grow as fast as possible?

When you work with Kristi, you’ll discover how simple it really is to grow and manage all the elements of your business to create the life you want!
She will help you refine the different components of your current social strategy, including your strategic objectives, content strategy, and choice of platforms, channels and methods utilized in order to calculate the ROI of your efforts.
It is so much easier when you have someone by your side supporting, guiding and teaching you every step of the way.

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