What we’re about at Significantly Successful

We believe that smart people, businesses, and companies do not do boring!

Our Experience

We believe that smart people, businesses, and companies do not do boring!

Our Experience

Statement of Purpose

Everything we do at Significantly Successful empowers both our clients and our team.

We believe that the right “work” is an enjoyable, rewarding way to provide for our families and loved ones,
while allowing us to do it in a way that’s innovative, fun, and ultimately lifts up others.

We live and operate with integrity and enthusiasm, and every project we work on is more successful for us having been a part of it.

Our Values


Efficiency   Creativity   Respect


Integrity   Geekiness   Positivity


Continuous Learning and Improvement

Shortcuts to the Team

Kristi Brown

Kristi Brown

Creativity Consultant and Marketing Strategist, Founder

Dan Littman

Dan Littman

Director of Client Experience and All Techy Things, Founder

The Bailey

The Bailey

Perpetual Puppy

We are where to turn for anyone just starting out, for companies on the verge of explosive growth, for the project that needs a strategy, or the business venture that needs a plan to reach the masses.

This is the spot for anyone looking for fresh, interesting ways to grow their business or brand.

We help people dream BIG and back up those dreams with daily actions to create measureable results and success. We call it the “Entrepreneur’s Creative Hustle”.

We do not fit into the conventional box of a marketing agency or a traditional “coaching” program. In fact, we know that the most successful businesses have proven that the “rules” are made to be broken!

So we throw tomatoes at terrible internet marketing fads like “make $500 in the next 2 ½ minutes.” Because, really?!

Listen, authenticity rules the day! And you want clients, not moochers.

We understand that no one buys something after reading it and thinking “eh, okay…”

We are the enemy of “eh, okay”!

We will make your message and brand dazzle and sparkle – make it impossible for your prospects to walk away without responding!

We thrive on BIG IDEAS – but only when they’re acutely strategic & executed with impeccable detail.

If you’re looking for a one-on-one coach that will sit down to customize and brainstorm with you while being able to tell you what the next steps will be, then we have the perfect program for you.

Or if you need a more “on demand” group coaching program that fits your schedule and lets you move at your own pace, then we have a perfect program for you too!

We believe in a strategic approach that crosses the bootstrapping spirit with intelligent, creative, and captivating methods and messages.

We are absolutely obsessed with producing results!

We understand both the excitement and spirit of a start-up, and how to bring those ideas some big media polish.

The Team


Kristi Brown

Creativity Consultant and Marketing Strategist

/krēāˈtivədē/ /kuh n-suhl-tnt/

Noun:  An energetic native Floridian with a passion for smart, authentic, imaginative, effective marketing strategies and original ideas.

Synonyms: Netflix Junkie, Cockapoo mom, crazy aunt, world traveler, foodie.

Not that long ago, I watched my life fall apart. I went from being a military wife of ten years with a promising career…to being totally broke and alone.

I had to borrow money to stay afloat, and began working side jobs on sites like Elance to pay the bills that were rolling in.

Here I was with a Master’s Degree in Business Marketing, competing for jobs that paid $3/hour just to make ends meet.

One day after reading a book, (that I now treasure – Psycho-Cybernetics) I realized clearly that my success or failure all came down to my mindset and beliefs.

I began to make changes in how I thought about my current situation.

After making a point to make and renew some business connections, I saw a real turning point.

I took a position with Living Social (LivingSocial.com) launching cities for the company by building relationships with small business owners. It was the perfect fit for me. I helped nearly 70 businesses set up their online presence and update their website copy so that they would see success from doing business with Living Social. It was then that I fell in love with the entrepreneurial spirit.

While with Living Social, I took a brief hiatus and worked on a national presidential campaign as the digital public relations and social media strategist. Doing so let me meet various business owners and people from all over America.

On this campaign I was allowed to be as inventive and creative as possible. Through a unique (never before used) strategy, we raised over $100 million in online micro-donations and built a fan base of close to 2 million people.

From there, I went on to work with the Disney Companies. I managed a team and was responsible for creating the marketing strategy and messaging for advertising, social media marketing, web pages, email marketing and content marketing. I also had the opportunity to train Walt Disney’s business partners on these new and cutting edge strategies.

Through the execution of these new ideas, I was able to grow the total number of engaged Disney followers by 34% in the first year, and doubled it the next year.

Today, I play by my own rules. I have built a business around my strengths that serves others.


As a creativity coach and business strategist, I use all I have learned, by working with hundreds of small businesses and giant corporations to create dynamic results for my clients. I love creating business systems and visibility strategies that produce tangible success (and revenue) for my clients!

My desire is to add extreme value to your world…more than you ever dreamed was possible.

I do that by giving you amazing tools you can use immediately to progress in your business and your life.

I’m part business strategist, part marketing maven and part mindset butt-kicker with a side of country-girl sweetness and swagger ::-)

The BEST part of playing by your own rules is that as the entrepreneur’s roller coaster ride subsides, extreme creativity takes center stage:

What feels uncomfortable and scary at first, becomes exhilarating and extremely motivating.

When you’re motivated to succeed and have the right plan of action, watch out! That’s when the ideas, clients and money start to flow!

I’m living proof that your business can bankroll your passions — and that it’s never too late to make your dreams real, whether you want to act, dance, write, rock out in a band, or completely rule your industry!

Things I am good at:

  • – Coming up with strategic, crazy, but almost always successful marketing ideas.
  • – Playing with my doggie, who is a “perpetual puppy”. Her name is Bailey.
  • – Motivating others to find their best self- the happiest healthiest version possible!
  • – Being a crazy, fun, eccentric (but responsible) Aunt.
  • – Getting to the gym every day.
  • – Pinning on Pinterest especially about traveling to far off lands. (See that here: Kristi’s Travel Pins)
  • – Singing along to country music…. these days my favorites are Carrie Underwood and Megan Trainor.
  • – Throwing a Frisbee on the beach in the wrong direction.
  • – Reading many books at the same time (have you read “I Like You Just the Way I Am:  Stories About Me and Some Other People”?  – because you totally should!)

Things I like:

  • – Saturdays on the beach
  • – Sweet tea
  • – Good belly laughs
  • – School at all stages
  • – The ocean in moonlight
  • – Playing in the warm Florida rain (Or sprinklers, depending on what time of year it is)
  • – My wonderful, smart, driven, and HOT boyfriend, Dan
  • – Watching Disney movies on a weekend
  • – Cooking delicious, but health-conscious meals
  • – Cuddling up in oversized sweatshirts
  • – Watching reruns

I love my family, chocolate desserts with extra fudge, good queso, and almost everything on Netflix Originals lineup and… I often stay in my workout clothes all day, as if that, alone, burns more calories (see “dessert + good queso” comment above).



Dan Littman

Director of Client Experience and All Techy Things

I grew up in NJ, got a degree in nutrition from Rutgers (while watching 5 years of terrible football but great tailgates), and became a software consultant because a dietician’s salary wasn’t going to let me pay back my student loans while living somewhere other than my mom’s basement.

Notice I said “5 years” above. That’s not because I did poorly – I actually graduated in the top 10% of my class. It was because I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

DanFullI wasted a lot of time and effort trying to figure out what interested me, what I enjoyed doing, and what I could actually make money doing. I think a lot of people have felt similar – whether in college or afterwards in the workplace – and it just means mom was right – we can’t say whether we like it until we’ve tried it!

So I’ve also enjoyed becoming certified as a Primal Health Coach and a Tiny Habits Coach, both of which support my life with a healthy mind and body.

While as a software consultant and owner/operator for over 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure to work in 3 countries, with hundreds of companies, and alongside thousands of personalities.

I learned how much I valued the freedoms of this model – how much better it was to work for yourself, when you wanted, for whom you wanted, and how you wanted.  I produce more, more quickly, and it never feels like work.  And that’s what I want to help others achieve.

Why do I care?

Because I believe that when humans do work they love, they will feel proud, fulfilled, be motivated to do even better work, and are just plain happier overall.  I’ve tasked myself to promote happiness and increase humanity’s freedom of time, money, and purpose through value-driven relationships.

And yes, I’ll say it.  I think that’s what will “make this world a better place” for everyone. 🙂

So that’s what drives me – the desire to support our clients in finding a profitable way to do the work they love while providing the framework for our team to work how they want, when they want.  Brainstorming ideas to create a more valuable reality is what fuels my fire!

Things I am good at:

  • Understanding and sharing in other people’s passions
  • Discovering the value each of our unique experiences brings
  • Making excuses to sleep in but doing morning workouts anyway
  • Creating techy solutions for non-technical people
  • Getting dogs riled up
  • Creating new ways of incorporating peanut butter into my life
  • Finding the silver lining
  • Using Tiny Habits to create new behaviors
  • Writing warm and fuzzy birthday cards

Things I like:

  • Walking on the Cross Seminole Trail while listening to motivational podcasts or calling my family
  • Learning about human physiology and psychology – why we do the things we do!
  • Reading books that change the way I think
  • Stand-up comics talented enough to be “clean” AND funny (e.g. Seinfeld and Brian Regan)
  • Finding new ways to relax my mind, body and soul in an effort to become more productive
  • Manners – “please” and “thank you” seem to be disappearing magic words
  • Olive-less, extra-spicy Bloody Mary’s adorned with random bits of food (bacon and cheese are winners!)

My secret for daily happiness: Refrigerated low-carb peanut butter fudge – PB2, Baker’s Chocolate, Stevia, and almond slivers all mixed together in coconut oil and then refrigerated!

My secret for long-term happiness: Find your passion, apply your principles, and provide your value.

…and that’s what I’m hoping SignificantlySuccessful.com will be able to do for our team and our clients.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and enjoy your day!

Reach out to us anytime:



The Bailey

Perpetual Puppy

I’m Bailey and I’m here to make sure Kristi never forgets to throw the ball for me. It’s very important that she takes time out of her busy schedule to play. But just with me.

I keep pretty busy around here – I get lots of people stopping by the house for me, so I make sure they know I’m here and super-excited to meet them. What’s strange is that no one ever seems to show up for Kristi…just me!

Being a Florida dog, I really don’t like the cold, and when the temperature drops, I often refuse to go outside to take care of business…wish I could figure out that mysterious porcelain device in the closet…so much warmer in there!

HDRI enjoy taking long walks in the neighborhood…followed by naps on the cool floor, chasing lizards and sneaking into the kitchen while food is being made.
(Hey, someone needs to clean the scraps off the floor – I’m just helping out!)

But I’m a great guard dog. I even make sure that I chase away all the squirrels, and sound the alarm when someone’s walking too close to our house. And yes, I do consider across the street to be too close.

I believe I naturally bring lots of pawsitivity to the business! And if you ever get to meet me, we can be the best of friends (provided you agree to give up your lap to me!)