September brings summer’s end, fall colors, new fashions, and back to school. Most of us see this as a time to rest after the madness of back-to-school shopping. All before the pandemonium of the holiday season begins.

Plan Now, Thank Yourself Later

However, using this downtime to plan and prepare for the hectic holidays could bring you more peace and joy than you ever imagined possible.

Here are some fresh perspectives on how to reap abundant benefits this holiday season by planning ahead.

Avoid Last-Minute Panic

To start, we make better decisions for our budget when we aren’t stressed. Finding the perfect sentimental items under the last-minute pressures of gift shopping can be a nightmare.

Yes, there is something to be said for being in the holiday spirit. And some of us patiently wait for that spirit to fill the air before selecting gifts for those we love... 

But just imagine how joyous that spirit would feel in the no pressure zone AND without breaking the bank!

Start Making Lists

​Plan ahead by creating your gift lists now. Not only will your shopping time be at your leisure, but you will also be able to take advantage of autumn specials and deals.

And this applies to more than just the gifts on your list, by the way. It can take the stress out of holiday party prep as well.

​You already know that you typically attend - and bring a dish to - your best friend’s white elephant party, Aunt Edna’s Christmas feast, and the annual office holiday party. So go ahead and plan your potluck contributions ahead of time. Then, keep an eye out for sales on the non-perishable ingredients you need, thus saving you time, money and a headache later.

Get Creative

The holiday spirit also tends to inspire our creative side. In recent years, handmade gifts have become all the rage. While saving on necessary materials for our crafts is certainly a benefit of planning ahead, the most important notable here is that we have time to bounce back from our Pinterest fails.

Plan Now, Thank Yourself Later

As busy business owners, we all strive for more harmony and less chaos in our daily lives. So if you get those dreaded tasks out of the way early, you can enjoy seasonal traditions when the holiday spirit fills the air.

Planning ahead means you can relax and sip your pumpkin spice latte with joy. You can visit Santa at the mall whenever you want to. Then watch holiday movies snuggled up with the family, all without the added stress of last-minute holiday shopping.

Got some great tips to share? Tell us how - and when - you start planning for the holiday season in the comments section below!

Jeanie Conti

Jeanie Conti

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