We hear a lot about gratitude these days. Things like counting our blessings, showing appreciation for employees, loving our families, tipping well, giving generously, paying it forward, sending thank you notes, and other nice things our moms taught us.

But did you know that taking the time to practice gratitude, which is different from simply counting our blessings, could have an important impact on business results?

According to researchers, practicing gratitude can bring big benefits to business because when we are our best selves, we can achieve peak business performance.

Makes sense, right? But what does it really mean to practice gratitude, and why does it matter?

3 Steps to a Gratitude Adjustment

There’s no shortage of research on the personal benefits of practicing gratitude, including vital physical benefits. In fact, regularly practicing gratitude is proven to help us live longer. 

But what about business? How does practicing gratitude at work help improve, and even grow, a business?

According to University of Texas Health Science Center researchers Dr. Blaire Justice and Dr. Rita Justice, “Gratitude is truly amazing in its physical and psychosocial benefits.” Those benefits, the Justices say, can directly impact business growth because they impact business owners.

Bonus Tip!

Social media is a GREAT way to show your clients and stakeholders how grateful you are for them. Consider a ‘Thank You’ post every few weeks to thank all of your clients for their loyalty, or thank a specific client for a great idea or referral. You might be surprised how far a social thank you can go in building happy client relationships.

Could the inverse be true as well?

Could it be that failing to count one’s blessings in business could have a negative impact on the bottom line?

If you’re feeling tired, grumpy, alienated, or just not getting the results you know you can, maybe you need a little gratitude adjustment. 

Here are 3 steps to make that happen:

1.) Start Your Day With a Gratitude List

This list will eventually become very, very, very long because as you begin to adopt the daily practice of gratitude, you’ll find more things that make you feel grateful.

Start with one thing today, read it out loud to yourself tomorrow morning, and add to it all day, every day.

2.) Keep a Gratitude Journal

Every day, write down 3-5 specific things that happened to benefit your business.

Even if you had the worst business day EVER, find three things that went well and write them in your journal. These could be small things, such as catching no red lights on the way to work, or something major like a massive new account or raise.

Don’t put any negatives in your Gratitude Journal. The idea is to give life to the positives.

3.) Write a Daily Note of Thanks

Identify one person every day who deserves a note of thanks. After all, no one gets to where they are by themselves.

Look around you to see who helps you do what you need to do and send them a text, email or -- GASP! -- a handwritten thank you card.

It doesn’t have to be someone at work. It could be a barista, a parking attendant, a software vendor you’ve never met. Taking the time to thank them will feel great to you and totally make their day.

Your note might even end up in their Gratitude Journal!

3 Steps to a Gratitude Adjustment

If you’d like to talk about these and more ideas for turning gratitude into business success, contact us for a FREE consultation call. We’ll get to know you, learn about your goals, and give you our ideas for promoting your brand with successful strategies proven to grow your bottom line.

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