This time of year runs the gamut of holiday feelings from excitement for parties and family get-togethers to the stress of gift giving and schedule coordinating.

One thing we don’t think about is analysis paralysis and feeling lethargic at work. We tend to feel a general sense of overwhelm and even the smallest of tasks can be daunting.

Here are a few ways to help you self-motivate and crush the last couple months of the year:

1.) Concentrate on the end result rather than the process involved.

It’s much more exciting and motivating when you focus on the outcome and the upcoming sense of accomplishment.

4 Ways to Break Free From Analysis Paralysis

2.) Do a little at a time.

Assign each step of a task to a small time frame. For example, “In 30 minutes I will hit this mile marker,” “In another 15 minutes I will complete this step,” so on and so forth.

Breaking tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks makes them feel achievable, and those achievements are motivating in and of themselves. Once you find your motivation, chances are you’ll find your stride and you’ll kick workday butt!

3.) Convince yourself that the time for action is right now.

How many times have you procrastinated on something only to finish said thing in a short period of time?

Looming responsibilities aren’t worth the stress they cause, especially not when you can knock things out quickly if you take action now and trade that stress for success!

4 Ways to Break Free From Analysis Paralysis

4.) Attach excitement to your goals.

If your goals aren’t exciting, make them exciting!

Maybe you’re stuck at a desk all day. Maybe you don’t like your job or you’re experiencing entrepreneurial burnout. That doesn’t mean you can’t attach excitement to your boring, mundane, or grueling goals.

Reward yourself with something once you achieve something you’ve been dragging your feet on. The reward can be anything that motivates you, whether it is waiting to hit purchase on Amazon until you reach your goal or leaving work early one day.

Or maybe it’s just simply allowing yourself to do nothing with your free time and not feel bad about it.

Just remember, life is about balance, so enjoy your holidays, enjoy your successes, and most importantly, enjoy all the down time you’ll have from not procrastinating!

Jeanie Conti

Jeanie Conti

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