You’ve heard all the buzz words. “Content is King!” What is your “content strategy”?

If you are one of the many business owners that understands that there must be something to the  hype, but have tried it and it left your head spinning… and dazed and confused, you  simply gave  up- we understand!

Now you are left asking: is it really THAT important? And why oh why is it so dang hard??

Listen, we know, content creation is TOUGH. Trust us, it is our business!

But listen when we tell you:

A+ content is one of the best ways to boost your revenue per visitor.

Hands down, no argument, proven fact.

Yes, really.  We can’t stress this enough.

Many sites have decent traffic but hardly any buyers. With these sites, it’s almost always the case that the content—in some form or another—just isn’t up to par. Bad, old, irrelevant content is one of the most common reasons that a site will stagnate.

Why is that?

Because in the world of social media where the relationship is the entire point, you are building trust- and  if you have bad, out-of-date content, people won’t trust you. It’s like going to the mechanic’s house and seeing broken down cars in the yard.  It’s a massive red flag that says, “I’m not a professional, I do not pay attention to details.” content marketing 1

Content provides your readers a benefit. Relationships work 2 ways. Your readers and visitors are giving you their time. In return you give value, you become a resource and you entertain them, and they will feel your content was worth their time… and eventually believe your service or product is also worth their money.

Content also allows you to strengthen, build and grow your brand. (and aren’t all business owner looking to marketing for just that?)

So,  long story short if you have great content, you’ll convert a lot more visitors into paying customers or clients.  You will also you’ll build a loyal audience who may not buy now, but will in the future.  If you have bad content, people will not trust you, and most of the time will never visit your site again.

So, then having great content is vital. But what does GREAT content look like? Let us spend the next few posts explaining that. To start with here is a basic outline, a checklist of sorts to measure your content with:

In a nutshell, here’s what a great piece of content looks like

Good content should…


Over the next 2 weeks as we catapult into 2015 we will break each on of these down into bite-sized pieces, so that we can help you make your content work FOR you. We want to make the process of content marketing for you business as easy and painless as possible…  but maybe, we can even make it fun!

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