We have all been there. Monday morning and we know that we just have to be present on all those social media sites. But… what is the world do we say?

We put together a 11 step checklist to be sure that time you are spending posting yields the most results.

So here for you, without further ado:

 The 11-Step Social Media Post Checklist

Is the message educational, captivating or entertaining? Is it fun? Are you offering something of value or interest to your target audience?

  1. Is the voice the correct one? Are you talking for yourself, the company, the group? Be sure your tense and voice is the one you want to use. Friendly, not too polished, but, professional and grammatically correct.
  2. Is it too long? In Social Media, the shorter the better!
  3. Is the URL correct? Double and  triple check this.
  4. Should I target a specific audience with this message? Our opinion is almost always YES, on this one.
  5. Did I use the right words, keywords and hashtags to maximize exposure?
  6. How many times have I already posted something today? There is a ‘sweet spot of each platform, business, and audience. Discover it and stay in that range.
  7. Did I spell check? (We HAD to remind you!)
  8. Will my company, customers, family,  be okay with this content- will is drive a response? This matters. The KEY to social media is engagement!
  9. Did I make the  best use images and other visual content— video, slides, GIF etc? (Visual captivates!)
  10. Did I make the best use of the text—great headline, question, polls, contest or quizzes?

Hopefully those steps will help you get a handle on your social media!

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