I get asked all the time about how to increase engagement. It is a lingering question that seems to go unanswered when it comes to marketing your business.

So here they are, 4 ways to increase your engagement online:

1.) Let go of the impersonal BRAND and the business-as-usual approach.

If you have read much from us, then you know that I say, quite often, that you have to treat people like they are PEOPLE whether you are online or offline. Social media, blogging, vlogging: these are not sterile, boring, personality-less environments.

Think about what you engage with online. What do you click ‘like’ on? What compels you to comment?

Do you comment on statuses or images about what is currently on sale? Do you like hearing - again and again - about the latest sale? Are business hours or daily specials engaging to you?

Nope. We don’t engage with that stuff… we scroll right past it.

There is nothing in that boring, sterile, business “stuff” to involve you, engage you, or inspire you.

So what is the fix?

4 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Amazing Content

Even in the infinite landscape of the online world, you should still treat people as if you were meeting them face-to-face.

Don't talk AT people. Talk TO people.

If you are releasing content or posts to the sound of crickets, take a step back and ask yourself what type of engagement are you asking for? How are you relating to them on a personal, human level?

It might be time to adjust your mindset AND what you are sharing.

  • Share personal stories.
  • Give inspiration.
  • Offer behind-the-scenes sneak peaks.
  • Let followers ask questions.

And not only about your business. Not only about your specials.

2.) Share value.

In his must-read-and-adhere-to book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, Gary Vaynerchuk explains how your jabs should be more frequent. Jabs are designed to engage and trigger an emotional connection with the audience.

A right hook is designed to sell and be self-promotional.

So the general rule of thumb is that you have 4 “jabs” for every 1 “right hook.”

Read that again.

For every time you post about your business or ask for sales, you should have FOUR value-focused, relationship-driven posts.

Now, a lot of businesses use their blog for this, and that is wonderful.

However, after you write your EPIC content, break it into pieces so that you can offer parts of that value in your social media posts as well.

3.) Ask yourself what your ideal clients care about.

You want your shared content to enable your followers to learn something they don’t already know… and something they actually care about! Then, you want them to pass it around.

In order to create this type of content, ask yourself:

  1. What do your clients care about the most?
  2. What solutions are they looking for that you (and your expertise) can help them with?

Create content that answers both of those questions, all while making it easy to read and inspiring to share.

4.) Build relationships.

4 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Amazing Content

Change the way you think about your audience... your readers are people with whom you can connect and form relationships. They are not potential dollars waiting to jump in your pocket.

Relationships + credibility = power.

Personal connection is where you can grow your business.

Think about it:

The people you like to shop make you feel special.

The people that pay attention to your needs are the people you like to be around.

So start sincerely paying attention.

Offer support. Give encouragement.

Engage with other people’s content. Comment. Ask questions.

Those are 4 tips to get you started in increasing your engagement. What would you add to this list?

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