I know there are some people out there that view social media as a never-ending feed of tweets, photos, memes, and status updates, all vying for your attention.

But listen, what if I told you that it’s not a total and utter waste of time?

Today, we can connect instantly to a plethora of information, and that, my friend can make your life much, much easier! 

Here are five ways social media can make your life easier, and yes, even save you time! 

1) News and Staying Up-To-Date

5 Ways Social Media Makes Your Life Easier (And the Tools to Use Them!)

No more sifting through news sites and searching the web for current trends. Save time with Twitter!

Twitter can tell you more than just what your best friend had for dinner. Twitter is a fast, easy way to browse headlines and the latest trending topics. You can even save interesting articles to Evernote or Instapaper to read later.

2) Staying in Touch

Mobile apps, like Inkly or Red Stamp, make sending birthday cards, invitations, and thank you notes via social media (or snail mail!) a breeze.

3) Planning Events

Everyone is on Facebook these days. You can create a birthday party invite in about 4 minutes and send it to everyone you could possibly want to come. You could even invite Beyoncé if you wanted to!

Facebook will give attendees the address and directions, plus it will add it to their calendar. (Now, tell me that doesn’t beat going to the store, finding invitations, handwriting and hand addressing each one, putting on stamps, taking them to the mailbox, and praying that you didn’t forget anyone, all while waiting for RSVPs… which people rarely send these days anyways!)

4) Sharing Memories

Okay, you remember sitting patiently through videos or slideshows of your family’s vacations and your nephew’s first birthday? Well, now, with Instagram, you can not only create amazing images that look polished and lovely, you can view your family’s pics and videos there, too.

Then, if you want to, you can use a site like Blurb to create a glossy and gorgeous photobook and preserve those memories forever.

5 Ways Social Media Makes Your Life Easier (And the Tools to Use Them!)

Event planning has never been easier. Use Facebook to send invites and get quick responses!

5) Planning Ideas and Recipes

You know how your grandmother has those old cookbooks: tattered, dirty, with spilled food and several corners turned down? You had to flip through half of it to find the one recipe you wanted.

Enter Pinterest.

You can browse and save a wide array of any type of recipe you can imagine. You can find crafts, decorating ideas, and even business advice on Pinterest, all while sitting quietly on the couch.

There you have it, 5 ways that social media can SAVE you time! What are your favorite time-saving social media tips? Share them in the comments section below!

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