Everyone wants shares on their posts but not every post receives them. Why is this?

Do people already know what you are saying? Is it because the content you are posting is not interesting? The answer may actually surprise you! Keep reading for our tips on how to get those shares...finally!

Research Trending Topics

What topics are trending on your social media channels? Can you incorporate these into what you typically post about? This will get you more shares because people will be more likely to read it. Use a tool such as BuzzSumo and see what is currently trending.

Start With a Strong Title

Although you don’t want it to seem like you are yelling at your readers, you want to make sure that it catches their attention. Sometimes when you put a link in Facebook it will auto-generate the title of that article. Make sure that this title is representative of what you are posting and that it’s eye catching.

Use Quality Images

Images are one of the most important parts of any post, and they will make your post look great… or not so great. Grabbing copyrighted pics off of Google is illegal, but there are still many ways to make sure that you have great quality images. A site such as Pixabay has free high-resolution photos that are free to download. You can also create your own photos on Canva.

Pay Attention to the Time of Day

Have you ever noticed that certain times of the day are just better for engagement? Although it’s not always the same on every page, typically people will be on social media in the morning around 7 am, during their lunch break around 1 pm, and after work around 5-6 pm. These are all great times to post because more people will be online.

A strong social media strategy and presence can help increase the sales and brand of your business. Shares will give all of your posts a lot more engagement.

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Laura Macauley

Laura Macauley

Virtual Assistant at Significantly Successful
Laura is a Virtual Assistant for Kristi and Dan at Significantly Successful. She loves social media, blogging, newsletters and keeping everyone organized.
Laura Macauley