1) Threadless

If you have not shopped on Threadless.com, you are missing quite an experience. This company brings the quirky, fun, modern experience to their Facebook page. Filled with cool images, classic memes and hipster-esque apparel, they know their demographic and play to it perfectly.

Threadless also does a seamless job of creating a smooth and enjoyable user experience that doesn't require the user to leave Facebook!

They also have a “badge” that shows that they respond to inquiries quickly -- which is great for showing fans and followers that they're listening to them and want to help!

2) Nutella

Nutella has a rather unique challenge of having to find great, shareable content, featuring a single product. But they have managed to get amazingly creative, and keep their social media content fresh and interesting.

The main key to their success? A broad variety of interesting, stimulating visual content.

They also made the decision to take total advantage of the rise of video on Facebook. In fact, Facebook has doubled it’s daily video consumption from an average of 4 billion a day to now averaging 8 billion video views a day!

To Nutella’s credit, their video content is centered around creative, and tasty ways to work their famous hazelnut spread into different tempting recipes, like these 4th of July inspired toasts… yum!

3) A Girl’s Guide to Taking Over the World

This Facebook page aggregates news and content from all over the web about women's rights and women who are kicking serious butt! It is a fun, fast moving page, with a ton of engagement, and of course, they don’t shy away from controversial issues.

4) Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees is another company that truly understands the type of content that their audience will enjoy and engage with. They also allow their customer to buy directly off their Facebook page.
They often share earth and environment conscience information, videos, infographics and articles. And they have managed to nearly double their following in the last 8 months!

5.) Natalie Sisson Suitcase Entrepreneur

Natalie Sisson runs a small business while traveling the world, and living out of a suitcase. She offers all kinds of business advice, amazing travel photos, as well as resources to her fans on Facebook. While being highly successful, she is also super responsive and has built a base of fans that truly adore her and every product she puts out.

6) Community Coffee

Community Coffee is a 92-year-old coffee company., that is still family owned out of Louisiana.
They focus on quality and branding on their Facebook page. They have amazing engagement for a brand. They use creative ways to capture their audience’s attention, like giveaways, contests and quirky trivia.

7) Birchbox

Birchbox is the company that made subscription boxes, delivered to your door each month and they are all the rage. On their Facebook page they share beauty tips, contests, and insider info that keep their fans coming back for more.

Birchbox also utilizes live video in a consistent and fun way. They use their videos to build customer relationships in real-time and they build their content around it. They are an amazing brand to follow!

8) Oreo

Oreo’s creativity and innovative approach to reaching their fans takes social media marketing to new heights.

Fans are always intrigued with the new campaigns, contests and videos that Oreo and their team put out.

Here is one of our favorite campaigns: The Daily Twist

9) Allstate’s Mayhem

Allstate created a Facebook page for Mayhem- remember him, the guy that brings disaster in all the Allstate commercials?

On their Facebook page, they not only posted exclusive commercial content for their fans, but also used the timeline to show how Mayhem has been everywhere since the dawn of time!

It is a hilarious look at the character of Mayhem and a fascinating way to sell a boring product: Insurance.

10) Success Magazine

We are big fans of Success. This company is run with integrity and the information is always stellar. On their Facebook page, Success offers great advice about personal achievement & business, often giving specific and actionable tips to business owners in videos, text and audio.

11.) Zappos

Zappos shows everyone how amazing customer service is done online. They encourage their customers to reach out to them on social media. They look to foster what they call “like-like” relationships, which means if you like them, you get access to exclusive content that is only for their fans.

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