Listen, standing out online is… well, difficult. It is crowded and busy and forever changing. But if you are trying to build your business, it is also vitally important.

So to help out, we want to share with you 6 of the best tips for how to stand out in the crowded online world.

1) Build personal relationships.

If you like someone’s comment or graphic or video, send a personal private message and ask about them and their business. You will stand out if you build authentic connections. Social media is supposed to be social… it’s right there in the title! Individuals and businesses can really stand out on social media by making it about relationships first. Spend time connecting to others: engage, ask questions, and make it a two-way street. You’ll attract attention, no question.

2) Use visuals.

fresh-quote-1122421_1920People are attracted to pretty visuals like graphics, quotables, infographics, videos, etc. Images catch and keep our attention, increase engagement, and are seen more often by the ever-changing social media algorithm. Install free features like Twitter Cards on your web properties so that when your content is shared, so are your gorgeous, eye-catching visuals.

3) Pay attention.

Pay attention to your community. Always reply to comments, questions, or posts, and look to create value that goes beyond your audience’s expectation.



4) Be consistent.

Yes, consistently post and put out amazing content, but also be consistent in your branding. Use consistent fonts, photo filters, icons, logos, colors, etc. People get used to seeing this branding, and it builds up your frequency and your credibility in their minds.

5) Be where your ideal clients are.

When deciding which social platforms to be on, consider just two things: where your consumers currently are, and where you will shine the brightest. You want to get comfortable with the platform that your potential clients are on. If this means you need to take a class, get feedback, or practice, do it. Both of these things are equally important: be where your audience is, and be there in a way that allows you to put your best out there.

6) Share quality content.

This means not only your own content, but a solid mix from other people’s images, questions, videos, etc. If you’re at a loss for what types of content to share, you can grab our guide, 8 Secret Places to Find Amazing Social Media Content.

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