Where I believe most people get this whole social media marketing thing wrong is the idea that they should be everywhere, all at once.

The real trick to creating a social media marketing plan (that actually works) is to remember that it’s not just about posting content everywhere, but instead being strategic and getting in front of the right audience for your business.

If you have been following us for very long, you know that Significantly Successful believes that the most important thing about social media is building relationships with your target market. The key is to build relationships on social media, then invite these leads to join your email list. If you don’t have an email list yet, start one today. You can easily start a free email list with MailChimp.com.

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your social media marketing plan:

1. Focus on ONE Platform.

Focus on just one platform where your ideal clients are hanging out. Yes, you read that correctly… ONE platform. If you can get really great at that one platform, you will see even better results.

​Dive deep and spend time on this one chosen platform. Grow a following of ideal clients and raving fans in your target market. Once you have one platform down, then you can add other platforms that you occasionally post to as well, but continue to stay focused on your #1! This should take a huge amount of pressure off you, and it will still give you the results that you are looking for!

Social Media Marketing Plan in 6 Steps

2. Cross-Promote Content.

Once you are on multiple platforms, don’t be afraid to use the same content across platforms. Recycle! If you post a great quote photo on Instagram, use it the next week on Facebook.

​Now the trick is not to post the same content immediately, which is why you plan it!

3. Don't Sell.

My newest catch phrase is… “Treat People Like. People.” What does that mean? Don’t forget that there is a real person behind the computer or app.

That means remembering that no one wants to feel like they are being sold… Yes, NO ONE. But people do value education, motivation, and inspiration.

So ask yourself, how can you provide value and position yourself as an expert on social media? What type of content can you provide? Videos? eBooks? Webinars? Blog posts? Checklists?

​This will provide value and get your followers thinking about how they could do business with you. It’s not always immediate, and it is not all about selling, but if you provide consistent value, you will have a loyal, raving fan base that WILL do business with you, too.

4. Keep Personal Stuff to a Minimum.


Bailey is the director of PAWS-itivity here at Significantly Successful!

This is much debated in the social media space. Like most things in life, I recommend you find a middle ground.

Yes, people want to know you and what your dog looks like. (This is Bailey, by the way. She is the director of PAWS-itivity at Significantly Successful.) But keep it minimal on your business profiles and pages.

​The truth is, people follow you to learn from you. Your business and brand will grow when you stop posting all about yourself and start posting what we know your clients need and will value. 

​An occasional photo of ‘behind the scenes’ or what the CEO or Founder is up to is totally fine, but keep your photos, links, and profiles on brand as much as possible. This way your followers will know what they can expect from you.

5. Create a Plan and Stick to a Schedule.

The key to following your plan is to create one in the first place!

In order to run a successful business, you need to be focusing on revenue-generating activities 80% of the time. Planning your social media posts ahead of time helps to avoid panic and last-minute posting, and it lets you focus where it will mean the most for your business.

​As part of the other 20% of your time, try creating and batching your social media postings using a tool like Buffer or directly to Facebook. Focus on working ON your business, not in your business, as much as possible.

6. Create a Content Library.

I often have clients tell me that they never have ideas when they sit down to create posts or content. I suggest you use Evernote to create a repository of ideas and content. This way you’ll always have an easy place to find quotes, ideas, and photos.

​Gather tips, photos, questions, and quotes that you can use across platforms, all in one place, so that when you are batching, they are easy to find and use. This is also a great thing to delegate because as soon as you have a content library, you can start replacing yourself by handing things off to other members of your team. Then you will be free to focus on revenue-generating activities!

Have a suggestion for improving your social media marketing strategy? Share it with us in the comments section below!​

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