Social Media is such an important part of a business’s overall marketing plan. If done correctly, it can skyrocket your sales and bring potential customers you didn’t even think were possible to reach into paying customers. In fact, 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form. No matter what your company does or what they sell, social media can help your brand AND help your wallet.

So why is a social media strategy so important? That term is thrown around a lot around the social media and business world. But what exactly is the strategy behind it? Will it really help? The answer to all of that is… YES! A strategy goes hand in hand with your social media. Keep reading to find out why…

Specific Events Coming Up

Does your business have an event coming up that you want to let others know about? Without any kind of strategy, you may start posting about it too late. Let your readers know about it well ahead of time by giving them a quick snippet of what’s to come. Then over the course of a month, you can slowly start posting about it more and more.

Without One, Your Competitors Get the Advantage

How many of you have seen a business similar to yours and they look GREAT on social media? If you do not have a great looking social media presence, you are letting customers go to them instead of you.

Make it an equal playing field by having an awesome social media presence, too! If there are no businesses in your field that have a great social media presence, what a perfect reason to have a strategy for yours so that you really stand out!


Your Target Audience IS on Social Media

Now, they might not be on every channel out there, but I guarantee that they are on a few of the channels. A social media strategy makes sure that you are targeting those potential customers at the right time and on the right channel.

Customer Service

Have you ever heard of people not being able to get through on a phone line for a customer service rep, so they write on the company’s Facebook wall? This is becoming more and more popular.

If someone has not been able to get a hold of your company for whatever reason and they reach out to you over social media, it looks terrible to not reply. By replying you are showing others that you are active, you are there, and you are helpful. People love doing business with companies like this.

As you can see, social media is an extremely important part of a business and so is having a strategy. So before you start posting on each channel, sit down and figure out exactly how often you are going to post, what times you are going to post, the types of content you want to be sharing, and which channels you want to share it on.

Laura Macauley

Laura Macauley

Virtual Assistant at Significantly Successful
Laura is a Virtual Assistant for Kristi and Dan at Significantly Successful. She loves social media, blogging, newsletters and keeping everyone organized.
Laura Macauley