Barely a week goes by that we don’t get asked about how to grow/market your business outside of Facebook Groups.

Groups are a good way to engage, but if you find they are sucking the life out of you, here are some great alternatives:

1) Periscope/Blab/Firetalk
– Live video is by far one of the best ways to build a strong rapport with your audience and get them engaged.

– Use Periscope to run challenges, build your email list, give amazing value, and let your true self shine.

– Create a landing page that gives something away and refer to it 3 times during your broadcast: once in the beginning, once about midway through, and once at the end. Be sure the landing page specifically welcomes the people who are coming from your live video broadcasts and give away something that ties in to what you were talking about.

2) LinkedIn
– Unlike Facebook, users on LinkedIn are extremely business-minded and are not usually “freebie seekers.”

– LinkedIn is a marketing paradise where users can speak directly to any business audience they choose… and get referrals!

– LinkedIn’s followers are engaged (i.e., real) and ready to find people who are great at the services they provide.


3) Thursday Market (Local businesses):

– Thursday Market is an amazing referral platform that can create a slew of leads for anyone in a local business.

– This referral platform allows service professionals to present their business in the best light, pin the geographic locations where that business has a presence, build like-minded teams of supporting service pros (such as a wedding planner teaming with a photographer), and best of all, generate word-of-mouth marketing from trusted sources, namely friends and neighbors.


4) Pinterest

– Pinterest is still a somewhat underutilized powerhouse that is responsible for 40% of the revenue generated on ALL social media platforms.

– If you think that Pinterest is just for artsy-crafty people, you have not tapped into the amazing audience that hangs out on this platform. Get in on the Pinterest action now while you still can.

– If you want to find out how to get started on Pinterest for your business, listen to our totally free training that explains it all. For more inspiration you can follow us on Pinterest, too!

5) Quora

– If you have not heard of Quora yet, you should pop on over and check it out. It is a GIANT question and answer site that covers every topic you can imagine.

– You can start out with fun questions like this one: Would you date a girl with a nose like mine?

– Or you can get your “thinker hat” on with posts like this: Who are people that are seen as heroes but were horrible people in reality?

– But then you can also showcase your knowledge with threads like this: What is the best social media marketing for businesses?

– You can gain followers by answering questions thoughtfully, and you can follow other thought leaders in your space. Some of my favorite to follow are:

Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia, cofounder of Wikia, and investor in Quora)
Jon Mixon
Larry Summers
Robert Scoble

Try these things consistently and you will see massive improvement. Remember, in order to get the best results, you need to spend as much time on these other marketing sites as you are currently spending in Facebook Groups!

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