Are you... gasp… an overthinker?

Have you ever felt paralyzed when facing a decision, a project, or a task?

​Do you suffer from perfectionism?

Do you linger on an amazing idea waiting for that perfect time to finally arrive?

Or perhaps it’s what I like to call the tyranny of choice? Too many options available to make a good choice?

Do you remember that fable about the donkey that couldn’t choose between food and water? The donkey died because he couldn’t make a choice!

In real life, animals are too practical, too instinct-driven to let that happen. But I see it in people, specifically business owners, all the time.

Overthinkers Anonymous and How to Get out for Good

In my time in both start-ups and the corporate world, I have found that too much mediation, too much indecision is harmful to the whole team.

I’m not saying that you should become a spontaneous, late, unfocused child in your work, but I am saying there are times that DOING is better than thinking about doing.

​I am also saying loud and clear, for all the fellow procrastinators out there: perfectionism leads to procrastination, and you should stop that junk right now!

​So, when should you stop thinking and start doing?

1) When you are trying something out to discover what you can do.

Experimentation is important in any successful business. But… risk is scary.

Many times, I will talk with business owners who know they need to create a new position, but they’re scared to death that they won’t find the right person or that the timing is off. I have found that those types of decisions are ‘fixable,’ while not making a decision is paralyzing.

The truth is that you may never determine your (or your business’) full capabilities until you’ve made a few calculated leaps. This is especially important for creative people and innovative companies.

Don’t rush into a huge undertaking or project unprepared, but do decide to make small leaps, even when you’re not 100% sure of the outcome, and see how you land. It’s a great way to expand your comfort zone and see yourself and your company expand.

2) When you know how to do the task so well you could do it in your sleep.

This is another time-waster I see creeping up all the time. You know what you’re great at doing, and if nothing has changed since the last time, why waste time making meticulous (ridiculous) preparations? Get moving!

And of course, you can fix any minor problems that pop up along the way.

3) When you need to solve the problem.

Overthinkers Anonymous and How to Get out for Good

Your main focus should be looking for solutions to the problem. By thinking about solutions, you can help yourself envision a positive outcome. Dwell on what will happen if you’re able to execute a great solution, not the opposite.

The more you think about the worst-case scenario, the more problems you’ll need to waste precious time thinking about.

Keep in mind that you’re supposed to solve the problem, not breed it… and overthinking just breeds more problems!

Are you a member of Overthinkers Anonymous? We’re here to help. Tell us about it in the comments section below and a team member will offer you some words of wisdom!

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