No, not a few hours away from your computer. A real vacation where there is no answering calls, no sending emails, and well... no work of any kind! And it needs to be for at least TWO FULL DAYS!

I know, I know – you have so much going on right now, how could you possibly take a vacation?

Guess what? That is exactly why you need one! Here are a few reasons to stop what you're doing and book that long overdue vacation right now...

You Need Time to Clear Your Head

You're usually a never-ending volcano of ideas. You always have new concepts and designs pouring out of your mind and into the computer. And then suddenly it all stops. You've got nothing. Nada. Zip.

When your business relies on your ability to create engaging content, writer's block can be extremely stressful. Instead of torturing yourself, give yourself a break.

By taking the time to clear your head, you create a blank slate and allow new thoughts to enter. You will be amazed by what a little time away can do for your creativity and vision!

You Need a Fresh Set of Eyes

If you're in a position to have someone else review everything you do, bravo! It is always helpful to have a second set of eyes look things over to check not only grammar, but tone and message as well.

However, if you are running a business on your own, this is an excellent reason to take a vacation. When you come back, you'll be ready to review everything you've already done with a fresh set of eyes and a clear head.

You might be surprised by what you now see that you didn't see before. Documents and content that you've been staring at for days, weeks, or months can suddenly look different, read different, or send a different message than you originally intended.

You Need to See the World Outside of Your Business

To better understand your ideal client and your target market, you need to know what's going on in the world beyond your bubble.

Sometimes we get so consumed with building or growing our business that we forget to stop and look around once in a while. What is happening in the world? What is trending in your industry? Are you staying on top of your game, or have you settled into bad habits?

Or maybe it's the complete opposite for you.

Maybe you're so consumed by the world that you need a vacation to just focus on yourself for a while. Take a few days to live exclusively inside your bubble and refresh yourself both physically and emotionally.

You Need to Step Out Before You Burn Out

Finally, you need to take a vacation before your business consumes you entirely. It's kind of like a marriage – no matter how much you love your business, it's good to get some time to yourself now and then!

After all, something that started as a labor of love can quickly become a source of dread if you don't nurture it in the right way.

And trust me, your clients would much rather deal with someone who is rejuvenated, clearheaded, and passionate about their business, even if it means that they have to live without you for a few days (or even a whole week – gasp!)

Where's your favorite vacation destination to escape work for a few days? Tell us in the comments section below!

Marie McDowell

Marie McDowell

Grammar Police, Document Doctor, Transcriptionist
I am a working mom with a degree in Business Administration. My career passions include hunting down pesky commas and exploring the dark underbelly of Microsoft Word. I live to edit and edit to live!
Marie McDowell