I’ve had this conversation many times:

​Me: “Time off – totally off – is so important!”
Business owner: “Yeah, I know, but…”

Most people don’t try to dispute the merits of taking a day off. But business owners often try to justify why they aren’t doing it.

In fact, according to a survey by small business lender OnDeck, only 57 percent of small business owners opt to take a badly-needed vacation.

But not taking a vacation can do much more to harm your business than to help. Without time to refresh, you will be less creative, less productive, and less communicative.

Without some time to recharge, you will burn out. You will begin to see the effects of stress on your health, finances, and relationships.

Now that we’re on the same page regarding the importance of time off, let’s discuss how taking time away from your business can be a real possibility.

1.) Plan ahead.

My advice is to plan your free days and your vacation days before anything else. Get them on the calendar. Start deciding what you are going to do, and then let your team know that you’re going to be gone.

2.) Don't micromanage.

I know that this will come as a shock, but many business owners can be (a little) controlling. But delegation will lead to freedom. (I promise you can do it!)

With the right training – and faith in your team – your business can run without having to involve yourself in every single area. The sooner you learn to trust your team to take care of things, the sooner you can relax and enjoy a good margarita (or 3), knowing your business will be just fine.

To All Business Owners: You Have to Take a Vacation.  4 Ways to Make That Happen

3.) Create a buffer.

The rush to wrap up projects before leaving, and preparing to play catch-up when you return, can be exhausting. One tip to avoid this pitfall is to give yourself an extra day, or even just a half day, on each end of the vacation.

For example, if you’re leaving on a Friday, tell everyone that you’re leaving Thursday morning or afternoon. This little tip can be a lifesaver!


When you’ve properly prepared, your team will know what to do, your clients will know what to expect, and there will be someone there to handle small tasks while you’re away. Now you can actually enjoy your time off – and that’s the whole point after all.

Need some creative ideas for what to do on your free days? Check out our Pinterest Board!

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