While sunshine and fresh air are definitely important – and we strongly suggest you sample some every day – you can also take a much-needed mental break right here at your desk.

Now, everyone has their favorite go-to site for when you have a ton of time to kill, such as Pinterest, YouTube, or BuzzFeed. But when you’re working, it’s too easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole on those sites, potentially losing hours in your day and any shot at actually being productive.

However, with these 7 sites, you can give your brain a 15- to 20-minute respite from the task at hand. Then, after you’ve played a bit, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to rock out the rest of your work day.

1.) Fidget Spinner

I know, I know… it’s the adolescent craze that just won’t quit. But someday, fidget spinners will surely top every “popular toys of the 2010's” chart, so you might as well try one out!

Don’t want to be seen buying one in a store? Try out this online version and spin your way to zen.

2.) A Trip Down Memory Lane

Speaking of popular toy lists, here’s a little nostalgia to take you out of the moment and back into your childhood. Kids today don’t even know how much fun we had back then!

7 Websites to Visit When You Need a Mental Break

3.) Boredom Test

Okay, how badly do you need a break? This site is a little bit of fun mixed in with a lot of snark. The best part? It eventually becomes so annoying that you’ll actually be excited to get back to work.

4.) IQ Test

For the more serious break connoisseur, take a few minutes to test your smarts. Disclaimer: this site does require brain power, but it still counts as a break since it’s not technically ‘work.’

You can choose whether or not to share your results. We’re not judging!

5.) Try a New Skill

Are you a bit more crafty when it comes to break time? Grab a dollar bill out of your wallet and see if you can make one of these amazing origami creations.

(Feel free to send a snapshot of your successful – or not so successful – dollar bill art to us at info@significantlysuccessful.danlittman.a2hosted.com!)

7 Websites to Visit When You Need a Mental Break

6.) Read Poetry

In case you wondered,

​Haiku is my favorite

​Form of poetry.

But seriously, nothing calms and soothes a tired mind like a few well-written verses. Read what others have composed, or better yet, try writing your own!

7.) Volunteer

Volunteering a bit of your time will not only clear your mind and make you more productive, it also just might make the world a better place. Win-win!

Plus, with Tomnod, you never have to leave your chair. Just log on to see the latest campaigns, find one that speaks to you, then spend 15-20 minutes clicking away and gaining some clarity.

Already tried one or more of these sites? Tells us about it in the comments section below – haiku format optional!

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