Pinterest is  a place worth exploring for your business! If you have been wondering if you can use it for your business, let me give you a few stats that will help you make up your mind: 

71% of Pinterest’s 72.5 million users are women

But, today 1/3 of all new sign ups are coming from men! ( In fact in 2014 the number of men using Pinterest doubled!) 

75% of Pinterest use takes place on mobile.

The Number of People Who See Your Pins Is Greater Than Your Number of Followers 

93% of Pinners Shopped Online in the Past Six Months

In order to use Pinterest in the most effective way, here are a few of our favorite tools, to optimize your time and your effectiveness for your business. 

Pinstamatic: This totally free site will let you create fun images and pin them right from the site to Pinterest. It offers gorgeous filters along with the ability to add text and color. 

ViralWoot: This nifty tool will let you schedule your pins, create alerts around certain topics and pins, manage and grow multiple accounts and more. 

Tailwind: This is an end to end software for all visual marketing, specifically designed for Pinterest! Tailwind lets you schedule pins, track your brand's reputation online and look at detailed analytics. 

Pingroupie: This free tool is one of my favorites. It lets you find all the group board, around any topic on Pinterest. 

Loop88: This tool was created to connect popular users to advertisers. 

They work with brands of all sizes, including big ones. For example, the TV show “The Mindy Project” wanted to build brand awareness.They paid pinners (through this tool) to post quotes from the show: 

Here are few more tips to help you be a total rockstar on Pinterest: 

1) Highlight Text BEFORE you pin an image. 

Highlighting the text allows that to be your pin description. This allows you to save time because you don’t need to write descriptions every time you pin an image on Pinterest.

All you have to do is to highlight the headline or any other notable text from the image before clicking the pin it button. In totality, this trick can turn your website Pinterest-friendly.

Pro- Tip:
Bloggers, as well as webmasters can also take advantage of this to provide a great headline that can be used in any image description.

2) See what’s currently being pinned on Pinterest.

Here’s a super easy way to see what’s currently being pinned on Pinterest!
You can do this by using this URL:

Be sure you replace the website domain name and you can now see what’s the latest pins that are trending and currently being shared.

3) Utilize secret boards for planning

You can now hide new or existing boards so no one can see them.
This means that when you add a pin to the “secret” board, it simply won’t show anywhere.

Or for example, you can have an existing board where you’re still building pins, or where you are planning something that is secret. You can invite people to the  board but it is not searchable for the public. 

With the help of these tools and tips you are off to a great start, using Pinterest for Business! 

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