“I have a job, but that doesn’t mean I like it. It’s just work.”

How many times have you heard this from your cohorts, former employees, or even family members?

Too many to count, right!

I don’t know about you, but I want to enjoy my work life just as much as my personal. A workplace is motivated by the effectiveness of their workers. Therefore, keeping employees productive is crucial to the success of the business.

Essentially, if employees are happy and content in their work environment, they are going to do more for the company. This may result in an increase of growth!


Motivation is a key factor in increasing productivity. If employees are not motivated, they easily get bored. This results in a lack of energy, passion, and enthusiasm in their work. With this unambitious mindset, tasks either go unfinished or can become lazy and sloppy. In turn, this reflects poorly on the company.

The best way I can compare it is to working out. Personally, I have never been a fan of working out. I would much rather binge watch shows on Netflix in my pajamas while eating Sour Patches and drinking Fanta.

I know, so healthy!

However, in order to stay motivated, I tell myself if I go to the gym today, I can treat myself tomorrow. This same act can be done in your business through rewarding employees as a result of their hard work. If individuals feel they are getting a positive result out of what they are doing, they are more willing to give you their best.

What is the Importance of Productivity and Balance


Communication is another important element in increasing productivity. It is essential to have an adequate outlet that helps you correspond productively with your team. This could be through mobile devices, laptops, email, phone, or even oral communication.

Whatever your choice of communication is, it needs to be reliable. Your employees should be able to reach out, not only to you, but to each other, too. They can share company concerns, compliments, or even suggestions on how to improve the business. Without an effective form of communication within the company, it will be increasingly strenuous and stressful to achieve your goals.

And no, just because you have an email that you look at once a month does not make it an effective tool for communication. That is almost equal to having a phone but never using it. (Yes, I know some who do that.)

What Is the Importance of Productivity and Balance


Maintaining a business does not have to be all bore and stress. In fact, it is encouraged to create a fun and enjoyable workplace for your employees. Creating a lively environment can help lower the stress of your team while still increasing the productivity.

Fun will be another source of encouraging motivation. Unfortunately, this does not include game centers or shopping malls in your small businesses – I know too bad, right! But that does not mean entertainment is nonexistent.

Some companies may choose their source of fun through activities outside of work such as a trip to the beach, networking events, or even lunch/dinner outings.

Through this, employees can relax and become more acquainted with each other on a personal level that helps build trust in one another. By having this confidence established, employees will feel more comfortable collaborating with one another.

Overall, increasing productivity and balance in the workplace comes down to understanding your employee’s needs and what works best for the company. Sometimes it will be trial and error, and you may occasionally have to adjust some concepts.

If there is one element that you should take from this article, it is knowing how important it is to keep your employees content and their needs met, which will also keep your business thriving, not only today, but for the future as well.

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