1) Use your business name to your advantage.

Have you noticed that your business name barely shows up on your profile? Most of what you write is obscured behind those 3 little dots…


But listen, even though you can’t see your full business name everywhere on Pinterest, it’s super important to get this right because it DOES show up in its entirety in other places on Pinterest.

And most importantly, it plays a large factor in your business showing up in Pinterest search results.

Feel free to include your actual name (if you’re the brand) or your business name, but then add what you actually do as succinctly as possible. Trust me, to stand out you need more.

Add some keywords that describe what you or your business does/provides and/or who you serve… Yes, right there in the Business Name!

For example, I did a search for “dog training” in Pinterest, and one of the top results was this Pinner:

Dog Training

Have you noticed that your business name barely shows up on your profile? Most of what you write is obscured behind those 3 little dots…

Pinterest Notification

As a business owner, chances are that your  “to-do” list is much longer than it should be for any given day. Prioritize your task list and know what you are capable of in a given day or week.  None of us have more than 24 hours in a day; knowing what MUST be done is vital to being productive.

2)  Get creative with your profile photos. (Don’t use your driver’s license photo!)

When you’re trying to stand out on Pinterest, a dull, boring photo isn’t going to do you any favors.  When you’re doing everything that you can to be seen: posting regularly in group boards, pinning/liking multiple images from influencers, and targeting your ideal clients…you want your profile image to stand out and be MEMORABLE!

The profile images that standout normally have several characteristics in common:

• Brightly-colored clothing with a plain white background OR more subdued clothing with a bright background.

• A picture of a person, NOT a logo (unless you’re a brand.)

• Something of interest – a prop or hands held in a certain way.

• Often not looking directly at the camera.

Here are a few examples to get you thinking of ideas:

3) Employ a true board strategy.

You’ve got two options for creating a board strategy that stands out and gives your Pinterest profile a “put together” and cohesive look. When someone takes the time to click through to your Pinterest profile, you want their experience on your page to represent your brand well. You can achieve this by:

a. Creating a board cover for each of your boards.

For example:

Board Covers

b. Setting different images as board covers while still achieving a cohesive look by picking visually similar images.

For example:

Board Cover Image Ideas

But either way you go, you want to pick one and stick with it. Pinterest is all about visual appeal and that starts the moment they land on your profile.

4)  Target your ideal clients.

The whole point of Pinterest is to drive traffic to your blog or website of people who are actually interested in your product or service, right?

So it makes sense that you should be seeking out those ideal clients on the Pinterest platform.

Here’s how to target your ideal clients:

1. Pay attention to who re-pins your pins.  Check out your notifications and make note of the Pinners that are liking and re-pinning your pins.  It’s likely that these are people who are interested in what your business has to offer.

2. Check out the profile of the ideal client that you just identified.  If they have pins on their boards that fit the aesthetic and industry topics, or the interest of audiences and your brand, then pin 3-5 of their pins to your boards.

Normally, if you are a B2B (business selling to other businesses) company, then this is a better fit.  But if their pins don’t seem to fit with your brand, then instead “like” (click the heart) 3-5 pins instead.

The whole point is to show up in their Pinterest notifications menu multiple times in a row to draw their attention to you. And if you’ve optimized your business name and profile image like we talked about in the first 2 steps, then it’s very likely they are going to notice you!

For example:

Pinerest Notifications

3. Look for results.  Over the next week, keep an eye out for results from the Pinners that you targeted. (Remember, some Pinners may only get on Pinterest once or twice a week.) Did the Pinner follow you or any of your boards? Did they continue to re-pin more of your content?  Did they click through and sign-up to your email list?

5)  Join group boards, but be picky!

Participating in group boards is an excellent way to get your pins repined more, which helps to increase your “status” with Pinterest, in turn causing your pins to show up more in the Pinterest smart feed.  But the key is choosing the *RIGHT* group boards. 

Here’s what you’re looking for:

• A group board full of pins with multiple re-pins per image.  (It’s not helping you AT ALL to pin to a group board where no one is re-pinning!)

• An active group where new pins are being added daily.

• A board with pins that match your business industry and brand aesthetic.

Hint: Notice that I didn’t even mention the number of pinners contributing to a board.  It doesn’t matter!  A board with 5 pinners that gets lots of re-pins is exponentially better than a board with hundreds of contributors and few re-pins.

My two suggested ways to find group boards to join:

1. Check out the boards that other Pinners in your same industry are a part of.

2. My favorite resource for checking out group boards is Pingroupie. Go to Pin Groupie and search for boards in your industry, sorting by re-pin numbers.

And there you go!  5 strategies that will increase your visibility and make you STAND OUT on Pinterest. 

Your 5 action steps to take right now are:

1. Change your business name to include keywords about your business + what you do.

2. Use a profile picture that is memorable and easy to identify.

3. Choose a board strategy of either board covers or cohesive imagery.

4. Target your ideal clients to gain followers and put your business in front of their eyes.

5. Join and participate in group boards in your industry that have high re-pin numbers.

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