Take a journey with me… If we were hanging out on the beach, surrounded by fun music with a nice icy drink in our hands, just chatting about life, love, and business, and I were to ask you what are the best things you have every done, what would they be?

Professional or personal.

Bedroom (did I just say that?) or boardroom.

Could you give me 10?

This month we are focusing on past successes. Knowing, noting, and acknowledging what you have done right is so important to your future success.

Here are 12 of the best things I have ever done for myself, both personally and professionally:

1.) I left Disney, with all its perks and a guaranteed paycheck, because I was unhappy as a marketing executive there, and I started Significantly Successful.

2.) Thankfully, I admitted that I don’t like, and am not good at, the details of life, so I hire people that are. Best. Decision. Ever.

12 of the Best Things I've Ever Done - From the Boardroom to My Bedroom

3.) I started going to CrossFit and Pilates consistently.

4.) We bought blackout shades for the bedroom, added a white noise machine, and set the A/C to start cooling down around 7PM. Hello sweet circadian rhythms!

5.) I went through with the divorce.

"I will read, use, and go to the things that work for me."

6.) I stopped responding to text messages (or FB messages or Google Hangouts or What App) immediately just because they were ‘text messages.’ It's up to me to decide what is urgent and what can wait.

7.) Dan and I went to Strategic Coach. Life. Changing.

8.) I started drinking hot lemon water and turmeric every morning for my skin, liver, digestion, and to avoid inflammation.

9.) I developed a morning routine that includes writing in the 5 Minute Journal every morning.

12 of the Best Things I've Ever Done - From the Boardroom to My Bedroom

10.) We found and hired a personal foodie fairy to grocery shop and prepare healthy and delicious meals for us. AND I refuse to feel guilty about doing it.

11.) We started following the Ketogenic Diet as a lifestyle. I feel better, I have more energy, and I am losing weight. AND it’s a diet that makes sense to me. (Bonus: I’m not hungry all the time either!)

12.) I refuse to read the book, use the software, go to the event, just because everyone else is doing it. I will read, use, and go to the things that work for me.

We would love to hear some of things you have done for yourself! Share with us in the comments below.

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