Every day you wake up and get stuff done, right? OR… every day you wake up with the intention of getting stuff done and then a little thing called ‘reality’ happens?

Let me help you pave the way to a productive day with these three easy tips…


Create a ‘to-do’ list at the start of every day.

  • Do you have something to do that is time sensitive?
  • What tasks have higher priority than others?
  • When do you need to complete the items on your list?

Be sure to organize your list by rank of importance, that way you are more likely to complete them and not leave an important task undone or delayed. You may even find it helpful to mark a ‘due date’ next to each task.

You could even create a ‘master list’ at the beginning of each week and work your way down the list.

Whatever works for you!


P is for Productivity, Three Tips to Help You Conquer the Day

Take time during the day, in the midst of all of the busy, to play!

  • Have you hit a creative block and can’t come up with any ideas?
  • Do you find yourself restless while you try and complete your tasks?
  • How many times do you take breaks during your day?

It is important to take time to ‘check-out’ and play for a little bit during your day. Taking a 20-minute walk with the dogs, coloring with your kids, or doing some online shopping can help improve performance.

Once you have spent some time playing, you should find yourself refreshed and ready to take on that to-do list!


Celebrate your accomplishments every single day.

  • Finished up a project you’ve been working on?
  • Exercised for 30 minutes like you set out to do?
  • Called your parents to see how life is?

Take a second to have a mini ‘I GOT STUFF DONE TODAY’ party. Think about what steps you took to accomplish these things and how you can build on them for future tasks.

Looking back and giving yourself a big pat on the back is a great way to help keep the momentum going.

Feel free to invite your friends and family to the party, share the fun!

How do you incorporate PLAN, PLAY, AND PARTY into your daily routine?

Let us know in the comments below how YOU set up your day to be a productive one!

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