Do you have some big, huge, audacious goals you are attempting to accomplish in 2017?

I know at the start of a new year it is oh-so-tempting to plot out our course for the year in much the same way we used to plot out what we, as five-year-olds, wanted to be when we grew up.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

It's never too late to set big goals for your future!

My favorite answer to this is still my niece’s answer at her kindergarten graduation: a Princess Zookeeper. She couldn’t choose between a princess and a zookeeper, so she put them together... because at 5, anything is possible!

As adults, we still imagine the enormous things we want to achieve.

We get excited.

We buy the planner.

We register for the webinar.

We download the book.

And then… crickets.

It happens to all of us.

In fact, did you know that 88% of New Year’s resolutions will fail within the year?

We set out with the best of intentions. But as small business owners, each day brings new activities, new challenges, a different outlook, and some fire that needs to be put out.

Often by the time February rolls around, daily life has taken the vision of those big, audacious goals and crashed them on the rocks of the daily grind.

We have spent some time this month talking about what we can do to plan well and avoid this crash. But the next step, after the planning is all done, is to lay out your goals in what I call “bite-sized” pieces.

Most people, especially business owners, need a strategy that takes them past the first quarter to see long-term success. So think about each month of the year and come up with an overall plan. Factor in your trips, conferences, launches, and trainings.

Following advice from the experts, I've made an overview of each month as part of my planning. Let me show you a few examples.

If you're keen to do the same, you might like my 1-page Business Plan as a place to get you started.

Examples of my monthly overview for 2017

January. A month of planning, brainstorming, and getting ready for 2017 to be the best year ever. (For real this time.) By the end of the month, I will have my content for the quarter planned, including videos, Facebook Live, and blog posts.

February. I am going to learn to ski. Yes, I am going to take my Florida-native self to the mountains. (Hopefully better than these people!) After that trip, it is time to establish routine and rhythm with better delegation and development of strong and smooth processes in my business. It is also the month to look at my health and workout routines to see what might need changing or fine-tuning.

March. I will be going to my favorite event of the year: Social Media Marketing World 2017 in San Diego. The following Saturday, I will be going to a mastermind with the Membership Guys about Significant Business Academy. I will follow up within 7 business days with the new contacts that I make at these events and watch any training that I missed or feel I need.

June. My birthday month. Plan a vacation. It's time to revisit goals and plans for the year. Plan the relaunch of Significant Business Academy.

December. Schedule real free days and time to enjoy the season. Decorate for Christmas. Review the year's wins. Relax and get ready to do it all again.

In previous posts, I have talked about HOW to plan so that you can reach your goals.

But if you are struggling with a starting point, planning your months this way helps dramatically. It also takes the pressure off. When you start to slip one month, you can look at the next month’s overview and get back to your big, audacious goals all over again.

One last thought: If you are struggling with taking tiny steps towards your goals, you should check out Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect. This is a book that every business owner, goal-setter, or aspiring entrepreneur should read. It will put those big goals back into perspective for you.

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