Now that back-to-school shopping, physicals, and first day jitters are behind us, it’s time to get a jump on holiday promotions.

Why so early?

Because shoppers start early.

According to Statista, over 40 percent of consumers have started their holiday shopping by October, and by November, that figure doubles. If you have an online business, the clock starts even earlier.

Considering that holiday specials take time to ponder, plan, and promote, September is the ideal month to get started.

Here are 5 ways you can create register-ringing holiday promotions.

Get Employees Involved Early

Employees, especially those who have regular customer interaction, are a great source of holiday ideas. They know what your customers are talking about, and they’re likely to have great ideas for how to promote them to your ideal audience.

Also, an employee who is able to contribute to your Holiday campaigns is more likely to enthusiastically support those campaigns with your customers.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

What did you and your competition promote well last year? What didn’t go so well? Build on the good stuff and learn from the bad.

Hurry up! 5 Ways to Jumpstart Seasonal Sales

Hire a Pro

Professional marketers know how to create the right message for reaching your target audience, and they know the best way to get your message to that audience.

From concept to mock-up, graphics, email campaigns, social campaigns, and paid ads, there’s a LOT to do if you want to do it right, so don’t take chances with amateurs.

Educate Internally

Getting your employees excited and invested in your holiday campaigns is key to getting your message to your customers. An employee lunch or off-site event is a great way to present the promotions to your employees. You can educate them on the message, and get them excited about taking that message to your customers.

You might even think about prizes or awards for employees who drive the highest sales during the holiday season.

Hurry up! 5 Ways to Jumpstart Seasonal Sales

Be Seen, Then Be Seen Again

Posters, flyers, social posts, emails, and online ads ALL need to be viewed multiple times in order to get the best bang for your promotional buck. And the message needs to be consistent across those platforms.

The last thing you want to do is let your customers forget that YOU are the business running that awesome holiday promotion!

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to start brainstorming your upcoming holiday season promotions?

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