Back-to-school time is a cultural rite of passage that gets millions of people thinking common thoughts, somewhat like the winter holidays and summer break. Suddenly, people of all walks and varying backgrounds are thinking about new clothes, fresh supplies, and fall sports.

The lazy days of summer are giving way to the buzz of a new season.

This is a great time to reach your customers with the allure of a new teacher on the first day of class. And you don’t even have to start from scratch to do it.

Here are three ways you can tap into your inner teacher to reach and influence your customers.

3 Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Teacher

1.) Check Your Supplies

Take a fresh look at your selling tools. Which ones served you well in the past? Look at everything you have -- blog posts, presentations, white papers, brochures.

A few contemporary tweaks can make those old tools shine like new. Consider updated graphics, copy edits for lingo, social media links, and maybe video in place of text. With just a bit of effort, you’ll have “new” content to use online and with customers in person.

2.) Be the Substitute for Stress

Back to school is stressful for students and parents. Even empty-nesters shoulder some of the stress with increased traffic, busy stores, and cranky shoppers.

Think of how your business can offer simple to understand and easy to acquire stress solutions. Online ordering, for example, or one-click access to something great. Discounts are on the minds of everyone spending extra money at this time, so think about advertising a special offer.

3.) Educate Like a Pro

3 Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Teacher

No form of selling wins hearts and influences customers better than education, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Think about what your customers are searching for online. Put yourself at their keyboard or mobile device and think about what they’re typing.

Can they find you to get the solutions you provide?

Can they reach you easily and quickly while on the go, such as with one-click calling or live chat support?

The easier it is for customers to find you and the solutions you provide, the better your chances of winning their business. Blogging, social posting, and website content upgrades are today’s most powerful educational tools.

So don’t get lost in the back-to-school frenzy. Stand out instead with these simple and effective teacher strategies you can use in your business!

Melisa Kirby

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