You have a business. You are doing... okay.
But you know there must be a way to attract more clients and grow your reach and visibility. But you aren't sure exactly what to do...

Maybe you are about to embark on a new business, or a new idea with in your business... you just want people to see all that you have to offer.  
How can you do that?

Well, a perfectly defined social media plan and strategy is just what you need.

Are you ready?
I will walk you through why you need a social media marketing strategy....
and the first steps on how to start one. 

So, I often get questions about the topic of social media marketing... They go something like this:
 Is social media really that important? 
I have tried it all before and it didn't work, why should I do it again? 
Social Media is a huge time waste for a business owner, how can I ensure it is not just a time suck? 

Listen, you may hate it, but the truth is that social media have completely revolutionized marketing in the past decade and a half.
I mean, even Google has adopted it.  “Search Plus Your World” signaling how  very crucial social platforms are to being found there. 

Maybe you  think that you only need SEO to generate traffic and sales.
But, the data shows you that strategy is dead wrong.

Besides, traffic via search engines isn’t the only way to generate a huge audience and it is not the fastest or the most economical way either. Businesses today are also leveraging social media for their targeted traffic and sales. And doing so correctly will be a massive boost in your business. 

Look around you. The digital world is everywhere.  How many people are on a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop? 
The more people that are online, the more social media has skyrocketed as a main form of communication. We are a connected generation. 

With the popular social sites being mobile-friendly, this makes it easy to view your Facebook page, scroll through tweets and check out a pin from Pinterest – while you are out and about.

All these reasons suggest that engagement across social networks is never going to end; rather, users will keep on Instagramming, Tweeting or Liking – or doing whatever the next big social media platform will decide.

Hubspot claims that social media marketing is not just any fad, and if you want to build a business that is long term, you better be on social media.
Look around the online world, nearly every major brand, company, author, celebrity, etc. is using social media platforms to reach a targeted audience. If this reach is done strategically, they are also building a base of raving fan, who become not only customers, but also ambassadors that are talking to others about about their products, services, talents etc. 

You need to be on social media to create visibility, generate traffic and start increasingly bringing in consistent revenue. 

Your social media marketing strategy doesn’t have to be expensive or super time consuming.

What’s great about social media is it’s easy to set up and once you’re on various social media platforms, you’ll find you can reach a targeted audience easily. 

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and it’s not fad. 

So, now that you know how important social media marketing is, let’s start to go over how to create a strategic social media marketing plan: 

Step 1: Evaluate Your Current Situation

This looks at the nature of your group's market, what you are going to market and your competition.

It should include data on:


Details of your group's members, donors, volunteers, supporters and helpers – details such as: sex, age, income, occupation, education, ethnicity, location, attitudes, opinions, interests, motives, lifestyles.

  • Consider the following about your stakeholders:
    • What they need?
    • Where they stand?
    • What they think?
    • And, has any previous research been done?
  • Your competitors/colleagues/partners/stakeholders –
    • What are their goals?
    • What do they offer?
    • What don't they offer?
    • How do they operate?
    • And where are they going next?


    • What are your performance indicators?
    • How many members/donors/volunteers/mailing list entries/special event attendees did you have last year? The year before?
    • What did you receive from donors/members/volunteers/attendees last year or in previous years?
    • Are you gaining, or slipping back?
    • Where are you gaining?
    • If you're slipping back, is it something you can fix with better marketing?
    • Where are you weak?
    • Is everybody in your area of interest in the same situation, or just you?


    • Look at outside influences like the economy, demographics, social or societal factors and what effects they are having on your group.
    • What trends or changes are occurring?
    • Could any changes or trends affect your group?
      • Is there a greater awareness of an issue your group is involved in?
      • If so, can you take advantage of that to gain more members or attract more donors?
    • Does the government, local, state or federal, have any effect on your group?
      • If so what, and will this change in the near future?
    • Are any new rules/regulations/taxes on the horizon?
      • If so how are they going to affect your work?
    • Are any new technologies on the horizon in your sector?

    These are the steps to get you started. 
    If you would like to learn all 7 of these steps and watch me put together a strategy LIVE during a training, then grab your seat for this totally free training series that starts April 14th. 

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