Pinterest is the newest powerhouse in social media. If you have not figured out how to use it yet for your business, or have found it time- consuming and confusing, we are here to… save the day! And show you how to use it to brand yourself and your business in a way that is captivating and most of all simple.

1) Use the 5+5+2 technique in creating your company’s first Pinterest boards. If you haven’t started pinning yet, we have a simple formula

We have a simple formula to creating your first 12 boards:

  • Make 5 boards for things your audience loves and will love you for sharing (think recipes, DIY projects, baby pictures etc)

  • Make 5 boards for things your audience has a hard time finding. (maybe good articles, advice, little-known tips etc)

  • Make 2 boards centered on your company. (yes, only 2)

Just a few pins on each board and you are up and running- in a snap!

2. Have amazing cover photos for each board. Your boards’ cover photos are your first impression- it  is what a pinterester  will see first when they land on your page, so you want to be certain they are beautiful.

  3. Find what’s really  popular with your target market.   This is that whole “low-hanging fruit” concept for social media. See what your customer/audience is already pinning and pins similar things.  If you want to see what might be being pinned from your site already you can look up your domain on Pinterest by going to “”. Another favorite to see what is trending nationally is to look up Google trends. (As you build followers and repins, we will cover how to use Pinterest’s own dashboard to see what your audience likes best.)

  4. Say NO to boring images. The beauty of Pinterest, is that it is visual. Your images need to use that, use bright, bold, beautiful colors, eye-catching fonts, and alluring design, when creating pinnable images on your site, or adding them to your boards. The more captivating, the more results you will get with that image.

5. DON’T only use your own content.  Okay, this is a BIG BIG deal:  DO NOT ONLY PIN YOUR OWN CONTENT. Social media is just that- SOCIAL. And no social media users want to be advertised to all over their feeds. Pinterest is no different. You can pin things related to your industry or topic, funny memes, quotes, articles, photos, columns, blogs etc. But do not, we repeat DO NOT use only your content in your social media marketing. Do a mix, and use your own content as well, but do not be perceived as a walking billboard on social media channels, you will defeat the purpose of why you are there.

 6. Engage your audience.  You may not have a million Pinterest followers quite yet. BUT, you may have some fans or followers that do!  Whenever you find an active user with a big following cultivate that relationship. Repin their pins, and begin being SOCIAL- that is what social media is all about, anyway right? Besides, if you take the time to find and engage your users, it can often reap huge rewards- by having a true influences in your corner when you need to spread the word about something or promote a specific pin.

7. Use a “secret board” to save content for the future.  We love this tip- we think it is genius… it comes from Cynthia, of When you’re surfing online and come across a fantastic image or graphic  but do not have the time to get it just right on your board, or want to interrupt what you had previously scheduled, just pin it to a secret board.  Go in now and create a secret board, pin the images there. Just be sure to include the image’s originating URL for yourself,  then you can go back and repin it publicly later!

8. Use cross-promotion to boost your Pinterest following.  Take advantage of the other social media networks and platforms that are more developed.  This can help boost your following and engagement. So,  tweet about your shiny new pin board, post it out there on Facebook and get the world checking out your pretty Pinterest board.


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