In the first reason that social media is not working for you, we talked about all the ways you are not using it correctly.

Now let's move on...
The next reason that social media is not working for you is... 


2) You Haven’t Been Consistent 

Lack of consistency is another reason social media is not working for you. This happens a lot and it’s a brand killer on social media.

Oftentimes, potential customers will look over your social media pages before they decide whether or not to buy from you.

If they see you haven’t posted in a long time, or you have an account that has no interaction, they could be turned off and that’s’ not the type of first impression you want to make!

In order to create a community, you have to be visible.
Your fans have to see you.
You know that old saying, “out of sight, out of mind?” it’s especially true on social media.
With a consistent presence, people will get used to seeing you and interacting with you which is a HUGE win for your brand.

So how can we fix it?

The FIX:

  • Create a posting calendar.  Planning all of this ahead of time takes the hard part of deciding what to post out of the equation so you can post at least once a day.
  • Keep resources to pull content you can share from.

I created a list of 10 different websites & Facebook pages that are relevant to my business. When I need to find content to share, I refer to this list.
Since they’re relevant to my business, I know this is the same type of content my fans will find valuable so it’s a win-win.
(Win #1 – I didn’t have to create the content & Win #2 – I know my fans will enjoy it!)

And here's the secret to my success:  My Social Media Posting Calendar and Content Templates - get them here.  Keeps me organized and always on top of our social media presence without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Use a Pinterest Board. Along with my resource list, I keep a secret Pinterest board where I save articles and various content I think my fans will like. You can put a month’s worth of ideas in this board to pull from when you need it.
Pinterest Board of Ideas
  • Commit to Social Media. This is the most important part. If you want social media to work for you, you have to (HAVE TO) use it consistently. Be there, be present, be social

3) You Don’t Have a Strategy

If you’re going to hit your goals with social media, you have to have a strategy!

Your strategy is going to be the actionable roadmap to get you to your goals. Without it, you’re just driving aimlessly hoping things work out.

An actual plan makes all the difference. This plan will cover what your goals are so you know what you’re trying to reach. It will tell you how to go from A – Z! You will also set up what you need to post that month, when, where, and how to post it.

For example: Are you introducing a new product?
You’ll need to share this multiple times with your fans! Schedule these promos in your monthly social media calendar to ensure they get posted!

The FIX:

Creating a social media strategy does not have to be complicated.
In fact, next week I will have a post for you that outlines it completely. Until then, check out our one-page social media plan, grab it below:

4) You Don’t Have Time

This one, I get it. Big time. It took me a while to find the right balance with social media. The thing that really changed it all – creating a system to be on social media.

Being a business owner is a lot of work and adding in social media – posting multiple times a day on multiple networks, creating content, finding content – it can get overwhelming if you haven’t taken time to create a scheduled system.

The FIX:

Pre-Scheduling is your new best friend.

Here’s what I do:

On Sunday I gather and create ALL my content. This includes graphics I’m sharing on social media, curated content from others, my business promo’s, and any articles I’ve written.

I plan it all out on my social media calendar so I have at least 2 posts a day on Facebook, 2 Tweets a Day, 5 to 10 Pins a Day, and 1 Instagram every day. (Hang with me, I know it sounds like a lot)

This is where the pre-scheduling is a major game changer.

  • I schedule everything on Facebook – usually about 2 weeks of content.
  • I have my Facebook page connected to my Twitter account so that ensures there is content being posted.
  • I use Buffer to schedule out my blog posts on Twitter using the custom graphics I make for my blog. I also sprinkle in motivational quotes for variety.
  • I use the social media graphics I’ve posted to Facebook – and I post them to Instagram throughout the week.
  • Pinterest – I like at least 5 to 10 pins to be posted a day. I use a tool called BoardBooster to do this for me.
    On Monday, when I’m doing my content gathering, I pop over to Pinterest and pin a TON of content. BoardBooster then schedules it out over the week.
    I also recycle my Pinterest content so older pins are repinned with the “Loop” function on BoardBooster. This guarantees I meet my minimum 10 pins a day.
  • Each day I spend 20 minutes in the morning and 20 in the evening being social.
  • I check all tweets and any article shares. I thank everyone for sharing – individually connecting with each person because it’s awesome they’ve shared my content and I truly appreciate it!
  • I monitor and engage in comments. If anyone has left any comments, I’ll comment back either thanking them or engaging with them.
  • I go to other people’s profiles and accounts and engage with them there. I like their posts, I favorite their tweets, I repin their pins. (This is also a great way to find content to share with your fans!)
  • I’ll check mentions to make sure I haven’t missed any engagement and respond where necessary.

5) You Stopped Using It

You feel like you’ve tried it, didn’t get any results, or decided you just don’t have time to make it happen,’re done.

Ok, first, let me just assure you that social media WILL, absolutely, bring you more clients and business for you. Even if you haven’t had results before...
...there is no better time than now, to dust off the old social media profiles and get back on the saddle. It will work, I promise. 

As with nearly everything in life, from business to relationships to your health – you have to put in the work to get the rewards.
I want you to get those rewards from social media because I know it’s possible. I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, and you can too!

The FIX:

  • Start today by making the commitment to using social media.
  • Read the fix to #1 again and learn more about how to use social media to get results.
  • Create a calendar and pre-schedule your content.
  • Just DO It. Know that those results you desire can be achieved when you get in there and get social.

6) The content you do put out is overly promotional or lacks personality.

​Social Media is just that:  SOCIAL.
People want to connect with other people.
As a company or brand, use social media as a way to 'humanize' your brand. Find ways to bring in your own personality, flare, style and voice.

The FIX:

  • If you are small business, use your own face and voice as the brand and personality of the company.
  • If you are a large company use the face, voice and personality of a marketing director, CEO or founder. But find a way to give your brand a personal feel. 

There you have it. All 6 reasons (and fixes) for why social media is not working for you.
Comment below and let us know which one you're going to fix first! 

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