A Virtual Assistant (VA) can provide your business some much-needed help with everyday tasks that you simply do not have time for, or do not know how to do. Many business owners find themselves hiring a virtual assistant to manage their email accounts, calendars, creating content for their social media, blogging, and...the list is virtually endless.

Since a virtual assistant typically works remotely, businesses can sometimes run into problems communicating with them. Here are a few suggestions to help streamline the connection with your assistant.


Asana is a fantastic to-do list program that is great for you and your virtual assistant. You can simply assign a task to your virtual assistant, include any attachments or description needed, assign a due date and then just press enter. It’s that easy!

This way you can monitor exactly what your VA is working on, and it keeps everything organized so that you can also see what they've accomplished that month. Another great part of Asana is that you can create recurring tasks. This is a great reminder for people that have that one task that's due on a random day every single month.


Slack has entered the business world quickly and has made communication much easier. Slack is an instant messenger and is perfect to keep all of your chats in one place.

For example, here at Significantly Successful, we have a few different channels within our Slack. Some are direct messages between the virtual assistant and the owner, and some are about a particular task in a specific channel. If you forget a particular detail that was talked about previously, you no longer have to go digging for the answer in your email. You can simply type it into your search area, and you will see the entire conversation regarding that topic.

Have a Virtual Meeting

Although you and your VA are probably not able to meet regularly in person, you're able to chat over Skype or Zoom. Having a set time once per week helps your communication throughout the rest of the week. If either of you have any questions, it’s the perfect time to bring them to the other's attention. There are always going to be projects that need more than just a quick Task on Asana,  and a virtual weekly meeting will give both of you the opportunity to explain these tasks.

Having a virtual assistant can help a business get to the next level. It can free up hours out of a business owner’s day and help them reach their goals much quicker. Communication with your virtual assistant is key. We would love to hear from you business owners that have a virtual assistant. Comment below your favorite method of communication!

We would love to hear from you business owners that have a virtual assistant. So please let us know about your favorite way to communicate with your VA in the comments below!

Laura Macauley

Laura Macauley

Virtual Assistant at Significantly Successful
Laura is a Virtual Assistant for Kristi and Dan at Significantly Successful. She loves social media, blogging, newsletters and keeping everyone organized.
Laura Macauley