Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels with your activity online? Do you feel invisible? Do you find yourself being inconsistent and dreading the time you have to spend marketing your business or services online?

The question my clients ask more than any other is:

How can I structure my online marketing so that it is: Attractive. Captivating. Appealing. Effective. Successful.

My first tip is this: Your goal is to build relationships. Too many people see their online marketing as robot-like. No personality. No style. Polished, perfect and… sterile.

Your online marketing shouldn’t feel like a door-to-door sales blitz or those ever-present, annoying, and pushy perfume kiosks at the mall.

Think about the people you interact with online. The ones whose emails you open, whose links you click on. Do you click on or interact with boring, long, and sales-y posts? Do you enjoy reading about the latest lunch specials, giveaway, or business hours?


Why? Because there is nothing there to engage you. Nothing to inspire or involve you.

When most people or companies are promoting, they are talking AT you, not even attempting to talk WITH you.

The way to attract people and clients online is much the same way that you attract people in day-to-day life, with authenticity and connection.

Here are a few ideas to do just that:

1) Capture your environment with a picture: office, park, messy dining room table, window view, etc.

dollar-941246_19202) Ask engaging questions.
– What would you do if someone gave you $10,000 right now and you were not allowed to pay bills with it?
– What is your favorite family tradition?
– What is the first thing you learned to cook all by yourself?

3) Give glimpses of works-in-progress, like website builds, projects, graphics, etc.

apple-606761_19204) Ask for feedback on something specific.
– Would you rather learn by video or audio?
– What logo/graphic do you like the most?

5) Share blog posts, graphics, or articles from complementary, credible sources as a resource for your followers.

6) Share your adventures from travels or just from around the town where you live.

Learning what your audience will respond to, like, and engage with requires some experimentation. So if one of these doesn’t work, try another one.

But just remember: The goal is to always be the real, authentic, HUMAN you. And in the end, doing that will make all the difference.

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Kristi Brown

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