There's something I love about January 1st. No, not just resolutions about eating healthier and exercising more. Those things are important, but I look at it as something so much bigger than that.

The new year feels like a new beginning. Like a clean slate where everything that happened in 2016 is way back in the past and the entire future is ahead of us.

Everything is possible in the new year.

So cheers to you and cheers to your business! Let's get it started on the right foot with these 15 things to help you plan for Significant Success in 2017...

1.) Evaluate your successes and failures from 2016.

In case you missed it, Kristi had an awesome post about planning for success in 2017. Check out her spot-on advice about reviewing the past year to help prepare yourself for what is to come.

2.) Pick a few things to do differently.

Albert Einstein famously stated that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Feel familiar? Now is the time to mix it up and vow to do some things differently this year.

3.) Think BIG.

Want to grow your email list? Need more followers on social media? Wishing you could earn more income this year? Instead of looking for a simple ‘increase,’ why not plan for 10x growth this year? Or 15x? The world is your oyster when it comes to plans for your business, so start thinking BIGGER.

4.) Set a goal for each month.

Whether it’s implementing a new system, strengthening a relationship, or meeting a specific sales metric, pick a goal (large or small) for each month and then set your sights on achieving each and every one.

5.) Take a hard look at your website.

Sometimes we look at something so often that we don’t even really notice it any more. (Hence your spouse’s new haircut that you failed to notice… again.) Try asking someone else to review your website and make sure it’s still fresh and interesting for your audience, as well as being free of spelling and grammatical errors.

6.) Get a new perspective.

While you’re having someone look over your website, go ahead and ask for feedback on all aspects of your business. An outsider’s point of view might just give you a renewed sense of direction and vision.

7.) Try something brand new.
Everything is possible in the new year.

Now is the time to think big and plan big to make 2017 your best business year ever.

Have you ever hosted a webinar? A podcast? Facebook Live? It’s time to jump headfirst into 2017 by trying something you’ve never done before. Your audience will thank you!

8.) Hire someone.

Yes, I know. You are amazing, and you can do it all yourself. I get it! But what if there was someone else out there who was also amazing and could help take some tasks off your plate? Two people means double the productivity… and more time for you to focus on your favorite parts of the business!

9.) Give your business a facelift.

How’s your logo looking these days? How about that profile picture... does it still resemble you at all? Have you grown sick and tired of your brand colors and fonts? It might be time for some updating - it will rejuvenate both you and your clientele!

10.) Revisit your social media strategy.

You do have a social media strategy, right? (If not, come talk to us immediately!) If you’re already up-to-speed in this area, take the time to look it over and make sure everything is working as effectively as possible.

11.) Find a mentor.

No one knows everything there is to know about their business, but unfortunately, you might not even know what you don’t know. Find someone who is doing it really well and see if they have any tips you can pick up. You can do this through direct contact or simply by following them on social media and reading their content.

12.) Read a book.

Oh, you remember those old things we used to prop up table legs and hold down the ceiling on our forts way back before the internet? Guess what – they’re still around, and they still rock. Read something about your business, or maybe just read a great work of fiction to escape reality for a bit.

13.) Connect with your clients.

Great lines of communication go two ways. Yes, your clients rely on you for expert information, but have you asked them for their opinions or insights lately? What are their big plans for the year? Is there a way you can help each other outside of your current working relationship?

14.) Spend some time away from your business.

You know we’re always harping on you to give yourself time off from your business and maybe even – gasp! – take a vacation now and then. Well, if you start planning for it now, there will be NO EXCUSE not to make it happen this year.

15.) Write it all out.

Don’t rely on your brain to remember all your amazing plans for this year… it has a lot going on, and let’s face it, it isn’t getting any younger. But that’s okay – print this list out and pin it on the wall next to your computer, then as you work your way through it, write down your ideas in a place you can come back to later. Your overloaded brain will thank you!

So let’s be honest, nobody liked 2016. But now, 2017 feels like a big stack of paper next to a brand-new ink pen. It’s a dust-free chalkboard and a bright white piece of chalk. It’s a large, blank canvas, and you’re holding a majestic paintbrush with a pallet full of your favorite colors. Okay… you get the point… It’s time to turn your business into your greatest masterpiece! We believe in you!

Have your own cheesy analogy for what 2017 looks and feels like to you? Share it in the comments below!

Marie McDowell

Marie McDowell

Grammar Police, Document Doctor, Transcriptionist
I am a working mom with a degree in Business Administration. My career passions include hunting down pesky commas and exploring the dark underbelly of Microsoft Word. I live to edit and edit to live!
Marie McDowell