As small business owners, sometimes our day-to-day activities can be frustrating.

The Rule of 7- Planting Seeds That Will Grow Into Sales

Every interaction is a step along the path to a sale, and hopefully, a long-term relationship.

We put all this effort into making everything JUST right:

  • Welcoming website… check.
  • Attractive email campaign… check.
  • People in the Facebook group… check.
  • An audience for the blog… check.

Okay, here we go! Bring on the sales!


As far as you can tell, you’re doing everything right. So why is no one buying?!

​This is where the ‘Rule of 7’ comes into play.

If you’ve ever taken a marketing course, or if you’re well-versed in the world of marketing, you have surely heard of the Rule of 7. This tried-and-true mantra says that, on average, a person needs to be exposed to your message 7 times before they will consider making a purchase.

Think about it: you’re watching TV and a commercial for a new, juicy cheeseburger comes on. Man, that looks good. The next commercial break, same burger. The next day, same thing, rinse and repeat. About day 3 or 4 of seeing the same commercial for the same irresistible burger, you can’t hold back any longer. You jump in your car, you drive to that burger joint, and you devour it without a second thought.

Similarly, think about a movie preview. First time you hear about the movie, you think, eh, that sounds okay. You watch a couple trailers, see a few cool-looking movie posters, and you catch the lead actor on a late-night TV interview. Suddenly, you are stoked to see this film!

That, my friends, is what the Rule of 7 is all about.

Their interest is piqued, they're just not ready to pull the trigger.

Think about this as it applies to your business and your customers. Maybe they’re not buying because they haven’t had enough exposure to your products or offerings yet.

For me, personally, I will actually put items in an online shopping cart, sit and stare at it for a bit, and then walk away from my computer, never actually completing the transaction. I might come back later and finish making the purchase, but I might not.

(As a side note, there is a popular, discount clothing store where I enjoy shopping online. If I leave items in my cart, they send me an email the next day reminding me that I forgot something. I love this, and I often go back and make a purchase because of this friendly nudge!)

Hence why it's so important to engage your audience in multiple ways.

This is where all those wonderful online tools come into play: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, emails, ads, etc.

Every time a potential customer likes a post you’ve written, or pins a link to your site, or retweets something you’ve tweeted, or interacts with your Facebook group… these are all touchpoints along the way to 7 – and hopefully a sale!

This is also why it’s so important to engage your audience in multiple ways. You want to reach out to them, consistently, to keep your message/brand/service at the top of their mind for when they’re finally ready to make a purchase.

The Rule of 7_ Planting Seeds That Will Grow Into Sales

Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails, Instagram... all these tools give you access to your audience over and over again.

So instead of sending out a single email blast and waiting eagerly for the dollar bills to start rolling in, think of your actions as planting seeds that will eventually grow into sales. This mindset will not only help you have patience with your business, it will also set you up for greater success down the road.

After all, if every action is a carefully planned step towards reach lucky number 7, you’re more likely to see your strategy pay off in the long run!

Tell us about a time you, as a consumer, finally made a purchase after several interactions with a product or service. Was it food, entertainment, or business-related...? Comment below!

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