Social Media Audit

Optimize your social media marketing

for business growth and success.

What is a Social Media Audit?
A social media audit is a process that evaluates and suggests strategies to optimize a business’ social media profiles, posts or content, and messaging.

Not only is marketing through social media fun, it also has the serious potential to successfully transform your business. With the right strategy, knowledge, dedication, and consistency, it is possible for your company to experience massive growth.

If you’ve been wondering whether your posts are generating real results, or if they're even reaching your ideal audience, a social media audit from Significantly Successful can answer these questions and more.

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What you get:
Engagement report
Reach and traffic report
Community and follower reports
Frequency of posts
Best times to post
Best types of posts
Quality of posts
Referral traffic (How do people find your social pages?)
Analysis of which social platforms provide the most effective traffic to your site
You'll also receive recommendations for:
Profile descriptions and keywords
Cover and profile images
Content strategy
Tactical strategy
Campaign strategy
Apps and tools for curation and scheduling
Our social media audit reveals your most effective and least effective assets based on your objectives and goals.

Significantly Successful goes beyond the vanity metrics that some companies obsess over (i.e. number of likes and followers) to the more important insights such as key demographics and trends. These factors provide true value in helping your business bring in more qualified leads, make more conversions, and finally see the beauty of social media marketing.