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Downloadable Documents

The 1 Page Social Media Strategy

This will get you thinking and help you start the process with a little action. It will also help you realize where you may need some help with your social media strategy.

9 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business (in 30 minutes or less per day!)

Great insights into how to use Twitter efficiently and how to avoid common mistakes you may not even know you’re making.


The Top 10 Pinteresting Ways to Grow Your Business

Simple, actionable steps to gain clients on Pinterest!

Downloadable Videos

Training: 9 Stratetgic Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook Ads

This 50-minute video dives deep into how to make the most of Facebook Ads from the necessary pre-work to the final step-by-step ad creation using Kristi’s Facebook Ads Success System


Training: Creating the Perfect Facebook Post

This 62-minute video covers the specific things to think about when creating a post – from your goals, style, length and psychology, to how to find great content and then maintain and build the relationships you create. Then watch as Kristi goes through Facebook to show you real-world examples of effective posts!

Training: "Growing Your Business with Pinterest"

This 55-minute video covers why you should be on Pinterest, how to create and use your Pinterest business page, how to properly organize your board, ideas for cross-promotion, and an overview of our full Pinterest course (which you can get here >>)

Training: "Instagram = Insta-clients!"

This 70-minute video covers the differences between Pinterest and Instagram, ways you can market on Instagram, optimizing your profile, ideas for creative content, and you get to view everything Kristi does on Instagram from her phone!