Do you feel like you are doing everything “right” with your online marketing but you’re still not getting any traction?

Have you signed up for every class and course you can afford, looking for that magic pill – but got… *zip* for results?

Have you downloaded every report, and still… gotten nothing?

Do you know that something is just missing, but you’re not quite sure what it is?

Frustrating isn’t it?

Soooo many people seem to think that all they have to do is build a pretty little website and Facebook page, and people will line up, knocking down the doors to give you money.

Wouldn’t that be awesome, if it happened that way…

But… it doesn’t.

Because even if you are AMAZING, (and let’s be honest, you are!) in order for people to hire you, they have to know who you are!

In other words, to make things happen online you have to be SEEN!

So how DO you get noticed?  Here are a few tips:

Stand Out. 
One of the things I see all the time are people that just follow everyone else online. Don’t get lost in the herd.  You can lead the way, you can let who you are shine. Don’t get caught up in the drama, the “noise”, that happens online. Live above it, and lead others out of it. Be unapologetically you.

Don’t just read what others are putting out on social media. I often have clients tell me how much TIME they spend online. But, time doesn’t equal engagement. Don’t just lurk. Post, create content, and engage. Being online is all about building relationships, which means you have to have (and yes, even start) conversations!

I see way too many brilliant people who think that the only way to reach their audience is just on Twitter. Or just in Facebook groups. Instead, pick 2 or 3 places to be and be consistent there. But do not get stuck in one place. Being visible means being everywhere you can be, but without being overwhelmed.

Everyone is not your audience. Let me say that again. EVERYONE is NOT your audience. Marketing is about getting in front of, and being seen by the right people. Identify who that is for you and who that is not. Then spend your time engaging that person.

Create an offer that grabs your target audience’s attention. This offer should make it nearly impossible for them NOT to buy from you!  “An offer you cannot refuse…” 🙂 Spend time crafting your message and solve a problem for them in an extraordinary way!  You have your own experiences, which make you unique and therefore, amazing at what you do, and your offer should showcase that! 

The strategies above will help build your confidence, encourage you, and get you seen online!

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